Whatever Happened to Queue Courtesy?

I may be gay but I consider myself a gentleman. When another person and I happen to enter a building or a store at the same time, I give way and hold the door for that person. I do this because I believe I am a good person. And of course, whenever I practice such act and as common courtesy suggests, I expect a simple “Thank you.

If the person fails to thank me, I usually just shrug it off. Yes, I expect a tiny display of gratitude but I don’t really give a damn if their parents did a terrible job raising them. But what they shouldn’t do is screw me after I hold the door for them. And that’s exactly what happened last Tuesday.

After walking around Glorietta with a cousin, I felt the need to check my email. We headed to Netopia somewhere near Ayala MRT Station. As always, I opened the door for my cousin. Another woman entered as I was holding the door and went the other way. After I had closed it, I approached the counter. There was an old man logging in so I stood behind him and waited for my turn. This woman approached the counter and positioned herself BESIDE the old man in front of me. She said to the cashier demandingly, “Internet, please.”

At that moment, I knew she was trying to get ahead of me and jump the queue. Two customers who had just arrived stood behind that woman, forming a longer queue.

Seconds later, the man in front of me was logged in. He walked away from the counter. Again, the woman said, “Internet, please.” And because I knew what she was up to, I also said to the cashier, “Miss, Internet.”

To my surprise, the cashier reminded me that there was a line and asked me to stand at the end of it. I flashed a joshed look and protested tactfully, “Miss, I am first in line.

Then, the woman beside me (the one I held the door for) said, “No, I am first here.

I ignored the woman and said to the cashier, “I was standing behind the man who just left.

But the woman was insisting, “No, I am first.

At that moment, I felt my blood reach boiling point. Out of utter rage, I turned to that ugly, little person and said, “What the hell are you talking about?! You know I am first in line. I approached the counter first. And my Gawd, I even held the door for you when you were coming in!

The woman yelled, “No, you’re a lier! You did not held the door for me!

Believe it or not, I still managed to snicker! But I didn’t mind her grasp of the English language (or the lack thereof). I turned to the cashier and insisted calmly, “Miss, I am first in line. You may have thought it was this ungrateful woman here because she kept on saying ‘Internet, please’ even when you were busy entertaining the man who was in front of me.”

With that, she logged me in and gave me a number. I turned around and started to walk away. But that old, ugly witch kept on shouting “You’re a lier. Stop lying!” She went on and on and on.

Forgive me for having done this. I stopped walking, turned to her, and bellowed “BITCH!!!

That shut her up. My cousin gave me a tap on the back and uttered smilingly, “Good job!”

PS: When I was logging out, the cashier apologized and claimed that her co-workers had just told her that I was THE first in line.


  1. I’d agree with your cousin. You did a good job for teaching that girl to shut up when she’s not in the position to rant. what a bitch.

    I guess you have to be more aggressive next time. When someone cuts a line through you, you better tell them immediately or pull them out of the line, throw them out the shop and then claim the position that was recently yours.

  2. liar liar panty’s on fire hahaha

    grabe tigas ng mukha ng girl na yun!

    at buti naman nag-apologize ung cashier

    n nice to have a very pretty cousin whos got ur back.

  3. In the name of the father, the son, and the Holy Spirit…

    … may her soul rest in peace. AMEN.

    Kaasar talaga yung mga ganyan. Minsan sasakay sila sa siksikang bus… tapos magpaparinig… wala bang boy scout? Eh bakit ka kasi sumakay… nakita mo na ngang me nakatayo. tapos pag may tumayo… “buti naman nakonsensya.”


  4. Hi Yoshke. I don’t give my seat unless the girl is pregnant or old. I remember one time inside the bus, this girl was with her cute boyfriend and both of them were standing. So I offered my seat to the girl so I can stand up beside her cutie boytoy.

    If that happened to me, I’ve already slapped her face..no, that’s too violent.. I’ll make sabonot na lang her hair.. hahaha..

  5. BRAVO!!! good job! Kung ako sayo sinapak ko yung babaeng yun, paki-alam ko kung babae siya. Klangan niya maturuan ng leksyon.

  6. you know, there are just wayyyy tooo many people in Manila kaya kahit saan pila. i had my own share ngayun lang na uwi ko. i was trying to withdraw money sa banco de oro. as usual, patience virtue ang lola while waiting for my turn. sa likod ko, lady na di mapakali, yon bang tipong iihi at pa-una una sa linya when she’s supposed to be lining up behind me. minsan sa harap ko and i would give her the look, yong tipong lulunukin ko taz isusuka. well, guess what, when it was my turn to enter the door kasi papasok ka sa loob dahil andun ang ATM, aba! at inunahan pa ako! So i said in some really thick ang angry american twang! “Hey woman! I was firs in line with you!” ang hudas at nag-french! di ko naintindihan! Ayun, nauna sya hmpt!

  7. woah!!! may blog din ako tungkol jan sa mga naniningit sa pila. taxi naman. kaeenees no!? Ang sa akin hindi “Bitch” sabi ko bago isara ang pinto…”Bravo!”

  8. Hahahaha. ES! You soooo did not do that to a poor old lady… NOT! πŸ˜›

    Great job. πŸ˜‰ You had a reason to bitch on her, anyway. Hihi. πŸ˜€

  9. β€œNo, you’re a lier! You did not held the door for me!β€?

    Ano ba yan?! Wrong spelling na, double negative pa. Better polish your English girl. Mwahahaha!

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