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Top 18 Most Annoying Types of People (Part 2)

I originally wrote this part for crunkish.com, an amazing website that we put up. Hehe. Anyway, Let’s continue with the bashing. Hihi. If you missed the first half, click here. But first, a disclaimer: I’m actually guilty of being one (or maybe two or more) of these. Go figure. Haha.

Whatever Happened to Queue Courtesy?

I may be gay but I consider myself a gentleman. When another person and I happen to enter a building or a store at the same time, I give way and hold the door for that person. I do this because I believe I am a good person. And of course, whenever I practice such act and as common courtesy suggests, I expect a simple “Thank you.” If the person fails to thank me, I usually just shrug it off. Yes, I expect a tiny display of gratitude but I don’t really give a damn if their parents did a…