How My Friends See Me: Twisted Impressions

Last week at the apartment…

Glenn: Do you have a copy of the first three seasons of House?
Yoshke: The first two are with Dohna. You’re addicted, aren’t ye?
Glenn: Yeah. (He paused a bit and then continued talking.) Every time I see Dr. House, I am reminded of you. No offence meant.
Yoshke: None taken. Haha. May I know why?
Glenn: You’re both sarcastic.
Yoshke: Damn, I thought you’d say we’re both brilliant. Hahaha.

Laughter. Silence.

Yoshke: But, you know, it takes wit to be sarcastic. So I’ll take that. Haha.

Last year in Robin’s car, on the way to Tagaytay.

Robin: You should make a career out of that.
Yoshke: Out of what?
Robin: Humiliating people.
Yoshke: I don’t humiliate people!
Robin: You just told me that all it would take was just one queer push and I would turn gay instantly.
Yoshke: But I always tell you that.
Robin: Not over dinner. In front of my entire family.
Yoshke: Forgive my occasional lack of tact.
Robin: You meant to say it. You enjoy humiliating me.
Yoshke: Well, it only matters if you think I’m right. And I’m not. Right?
Robin: Of course not. I can’t believe we’re talking about this.

Last week. Text conversation.

Bebs: Yes, he and I met. But it wasn’t SEB.
Yoshke: What’s SEB?
Bebs: Sex Eyeball. I don’t believe you don’t know this.
Yoshke: You know I’m not THAT kind of person.
Bebs: But still. You’re Dimen. You’re supposed to be knowledgeable.
Yoshke: Am I supposed to be flattered by that?

Last month over Yahoo Messenger…

Yoshke: So what is it? Tell me.
Robin: You know I can’t tell you. I promised.
Yoshke: Hey, this isn’t the first time you’ll be breaking a promise. You always tell me everything.
Robin: This time, it’s different.
Yoshke: Come on. Spill.
Robin: Will not.
Yoshke: Spill.
Robin: Will not.
Yoshke: Spill! Spill! SPILL!
Robin: Won’t work.
Yoshke: If you don’t tell me, I’ll tell $%^& about last week.
Robin: You did not just say that! How dare you! I can’t believe this. You are blackmailing me.
Yoshke: Spill.
Robin: Damn, you’re very stubborn.
Yoshke: I’d say “passionate,” not stubborn.
Robin: I hate you and your stubborn attitude.
Yoshke: Again, I prefer “passionate.”
Robin: Stubborn!
Yoshke: Passionate.
Robin: And nosy!
Yoshke: I’d say “inquisitive.”
Robin: Immature.
Yoshke: Youthful. Sounds better.
Robin: And insensitive.
Yoshke: Rational or responsible. Take your pick.
Robin: <raised eyebrow emoticon>
Yoshke: What? They’re synonyms. Haha.
Robin: They’re not.
Yoshke: They are.
Robin: In your twisted world, they are.
Yoshke: In case you haven’t noticed, you’re in my twisted world.
Robin: I knew you’d say that.
Yoshke: Really now.
Robin: Well, it may surprise you but I know things, too. I’m just not a know-it-all like you.
Yoshke: Oh you mean “knowledgeable.”
Robin: Know-it-all.
Yoshke: Yeah, I’m so knowledgeable.
Robin: Has anybody told that you’re such a know-it-all?
Yoshke: Yeah. People tell me I’m knowledgeable. All the time.
Robin: You are unbelievable.
Yoshke: Unbelievably knowledgeable? No, that’s too much. Just knowledgeable.
Robin: Know-it-all.
Yoshke: My Gawd, you are sooo stubborn. And insensitive! Haha.

In a nutshell:
My friends say that I’m a very witty, inquisitive, passionate, youthful, rational, knowledgeable person who sometimes lacks tact. Hahaha.

But you know, you can always read it as sarcastic, stubborn, immature, insensitive know-it-all. Gawd, I need to go to church.


  1. Hehe.
    Madalas mahirap din i-reconcile ang pagtingin sa iyo ng mga kaibigan mo at pagtingin mo sa sarili mo no?
    Pero ang mahalaga, kilala mo sarili mo.

    now, repent! repent!

  2. nyahaha friends see me as stubborn, insensitive as well and pati na rin masungit at mataray lalo na…

    pero im not as sarcastic and know-it-all as i used to be. i started to avoid doing it so people would suspect less that im gay (not generalizing that sarcastic people are gay, just speaking for myself cuz may halong kaartehan ang pagiging sarcastic ko hehe)

  3. hahahaha! those are funny conversations…! haha!

    so they think you’re too sarcastic, a know0it-all, insensitive…

    but what do you think of yourself?

    what they say is probably just part of who you are. try to reflect. it’s fun! hahaha!

    again…really funny conversations! hahaha!

    • but what do you think of yourself?

      I think I’m a very witty, inquisitive, passionate, youthful, rational, knowledgeable person. WAHAHAHA. JOKE LANG.

      Conceited. Haha.

  4. naku…hindi pa nga eh..huhu! nangangati pa din ako ngayon…hays…pain is more tolerable than an itch! chronic itch in my case…thanks for your comment…

    –conceited? hahahahaha!

  5. haha. I like how you and your friend played with words… substituted more likely for whichever suits you. haha.

    And as for your sarcasm… naku… takot pa naman ako sa mga taong mahilig manginis, kasi lagi akong talo. kawawa lagi. I have to learn that art fast. hahaha. I could add you up as possible guru. haha.

  6. waaaaa! dapat ituloy mo..ang lupit ng season ender ng season 4! wee! panoorin mo OTH saya! nacucurious nga ako dyan sa damages..nominated din un sa emmys ksma ng lost…i love prison break! whew! can’t wait for the next season…thanks! (sorry late ko na nabasa yung comment mo dun ..hehe)

  7. Ugh, i dislike the know-it-alls of the world… i don’t hate them, they just rub me the wrong way… wrong enough na gusto ko silang sapakin! buti nalang you’re only “knowledgeable” haha.

    sarcastic din ako… apir!!!

  8. interesting read…especially that i’ve only known you from a few bump ins at teacher’s village and other places.

    i find this wickedly amusing, since there are very few people who have a good way of pulling off sarcasm, and you certainly have a way with words.


  9. Hi!

    I’m having fun reading your blog.

    I don’t know why or possibly because of the new moon thing I’m seeing bella and edward for [Last month over Yahoo Messenger…] post.

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