Top 18 Most Annoying Types of People (Part 2)

I originally wrote this part for, an amazing website that we put up. Hehe. Anyway, Let’s continue with the bashing. Hihi. If you missed the first half, click here. But first, a disclaimer: I’m actually guilty of being one (or maybe two or more) of these. Go figure. Haha.


Spammers are those who flood your inbox with e-mails telling 10-year old boys how to apply for a mortgage and encouraging straight women to enlarge their male genitalia. Spams fill up your inbox that it can be so hard to find which messages are real. Now, that’s really annoying. I know they’re just doing their jobs but oh well, their jobs SUCK.

And then there are trolls. They are those who purposely start a heated argument in online forums by flamebaiting. These attention-seekers would do all sorts of things to create discussion chaos by attacking other posters on a forum without listening to what they have to say. Even when they know they are wrong, they still insist just for the purpose of ruining the peaceful, smooth flow of opinions.

How to deal: A spam-blocker is enough to avoid spammers. When it comes to trolls, the best thing to do is ignore them and not reply to their posts.


We understand that some people are just so knowledgeable that they sure know something wherever you lead the conversation to. Yes, we certainly understand that. What is annoying is when these people start to act like they know everything — as in EVERYTHING.

Have you ever had a a classmate who always has an answer to almost anything your teacher asks? What is more irritating is when he answers even those that are rhetorical. (Wahaha, sounds like my Broad Comm classmates, hihi).

Know-it-alls think that they know everything there is in the world and that they are always right. Most of the time, they also assume that everything they know are things that other people haven’t heard of. Another pesky habit they have is they cut you off in the middle of the conversation and they will be the ones who would start talking about the same topic as if you aren’t credible enough. What’s up with that?

How to deal: When in an argument with a know-it-all, never tell him that he’s wrong. Instead, say that you disagree and explain why. Enumerate your reasons and back them up with evidence that can be verified. Do all these in your most polite way.


Posers can be either a conformist or a nonconformist. What defines posers is the idea that they feel so insecure about themselves that they try so hard to pretend to be someone they are not. In other words, they are fakers who just can’t be themselves.

Conformist posers like anything their friends like. For example, they would go telling people that they like a certain band that all their friends love even though they don’t even know any of their records. In the process, they would try to love that band just because other people adore them.

Other conformist posers would love anything that is popular. If everyone likes a certain movie, they would like it, too. If people start bashing a celebrity, they would do the same even if they have always liked him/her. They do this just so they could look cool and that they belong.


On the other hand, nonconformist posers would do just about anything just to look different. They would set up a facade that they do not like certain people or things to steer away from being a conformist even when deep inside they have always been in love with Tom Cruise or has been watching Heroes all this time. They would buy things that could make them establish an I’m-so-not-like-everyone image.

How to deal: If you feel that one of your friends is a poser, talk to him/her about it in a non-judgemental way. Don’t start with, “I think you’re fake.” Just give him/her the assurance that he is accepted whoever he/she is.


Whether your world is the university or the workplace, you will surely find a snob. Snobs are people who refuse to mingle with non-straight-A students because of their “superior intellect,” or
who look down on people who have no idea what caviar is.
If you’re the type of person who deem yourself as of higher status than others because of your fashion sense, wealth, or intelligence, you are one flaming snob and you are one of the most annoying people on earth.

(Actually, some people tell me I’m a snob. I don’t believe them. I mean, who are they to judge me? I’m like so above them. KIDDING. Haha.)

How to deal: The best way to deal with a snob is to get a bottle of ketchup and splatter it on his/her $250 shirt. Haha. Or you can just ignore them.


Have you ever met someone who knows only one word in the dictionary — talk. Yes, some people just don’t know when to shut up. These people are called the motormouths. They talk and talk and talk and talk that they can spend the entire day talking, just talking. Talking is okay but like everything else, it should be done in moderation. Doing it ALL THE TIME leaves other people bored and annoyed.

These chatterboxes talk about practically anything, from the party she attended the night before to the movie she just saw to her boyfriend’s unimpressive skills in bed to leaky pipes in her apartment to the constipation she suffered from a decade ago.

How to deal: Again, motormouths can be harmless. If you’re in a company of one, all you need to do to stay out of trouble is nod, say a few “uh-uh” every now and then and think about what you’ll be having for lunch or what dress you will be wearing tomorrow while she talks. You can also plan your future in the process.


What is more pestiferous is when motormouths start talking about other people’s secrets, which make you feel disturbed as she might be telling others what you just disclosed to her. Motormouths may be harmless but when they start to evolve into rumor mills, that’s when you want to sentence them to death by a firing squad.

How to deal: When it comes to rumormongers, you can do the same. Just don’t give them any information that could be your own ghost.


You failed to see the season finale of your favorite reality show and right now, you are doing everything to stay away from anything that could give you an idea of what happened. You refuse to go out with your friends expecting that they would be talking about it. You refuse to go online because it is sure hyped up in cyberspace. You refuse turning your TV on because it might be in the news. Suddenly, your phone rings and before you could say “hello,” he excitedly tells you, “Oh my God! David Cook’s just won American Idol!” That person, ladies and gentlemen, is called a “spoiler” and that is the third most annoying type of people in the world.

You might think that they are harmless but spoilers really do so much more than revealing the outcome of a much-awaited event. Spoilers take away the element of surprise and excitement. They ruin the over-all experience. Seriously, come on, would you watch a basketball game when you already know the final score?

How to deal: If the person accidentally spilt it out, forgive him/her, ask him/her not to do it again and move on. If he/she intentionally did it, a simple spank-then-forgive will do. In my case, it’s “friendship over.” Haha.


There are so many lousy drivers in the world. (And yeah, Ken, that includes you being almost run over by a ten-wheeler truck.) What is more disturbing here is that they are not just annoying, they can be very dangerous, too. Remember that driving is not a right; it is a privilege. That’s why whenever you break road rules, you get a ticket.

However, there are still some bad drivers who aren’t breaking any law but still gets to our nerves. These include those who:

ride their brakes, tailgate and slow down and wait in acceleration lanes
drive sooo slowly but you have no way to overtake
park their cars so close to yours, leaving no space for you and your friends to get in or get out of the car
talk on their mobile phones while driving
And my biggest pet peeve of all, those don’t slow down when passing through a pedestrian lane. Raaaaaar. If you’re one of these people, it’s time to grow up and get smart, kiddo

How to deal: The truth is, there’s not much you can do about these people unless you know them personally. If you encounter a stranger who just sucks at driving, don’t start lecturing them or you’ll get yourself into trouble.


For sure, many married people agree that the most annoying people on the planet are their in-laws. What makes the in-laws sooo annoying that they can make our blood reach its boiling point in no time?

People say that when you marry, you don’t just wed your partner but also his/her family especially the parents. If you’re one of the few lucky ones, your in-laws will bring your family support, love and happiness.

But for most of us, the in-laws bring the most devastating disasters your life has ever had. This is because your parents-in-law have taken care of your spouse for his/her entire life and it is not easy to let go. They can’t help but compare what is and what was. Add the fact that there is also a slight insecurity on your part that whatever they say, no matter how little, is interpreted as distasteful, arrogant and evil.

True, sometimes, the in-laws have a cunning way of sneaking up on your family and make it look like it is always your fault. What’s more irritating is that sometimes, you don’t know which side your spouse is on and it’s driving you nuts!

That’s why whenever you hear your spouse say that his/her parents are coming over for “a couple of weeks,” you ask your maid not to cook anything delightful, call your cable operator to have the service cut for a moment and make sure that there are colonies of fire ants in the garden.

How to deal: Remember that your in-laws are your spouse’s family, whom you have to love as well. You don’t need to come up with any vicious plan to scare your in-laws away. Marriage is not a game. What you should do is be nice to them and try to win them over — if that’s ever possible.

Yes, the world is filled with stressful people that certainly make us lose our sanity while puking all over the floor. However, it doesn’t give you the license to stoop down to their level and confront them with a chainsaw. That would just make you as annoying as they are. Instead, ignore those you can ignore and talk to those you can talk to. Just make sure that you deal with them calmly and politely.


  1. i have a classmate who is a motormouth! HE’s so annoying, he talks about stuff over and over and over and over again!! And he’d talk about his friends or his friends’ friend as if I know them. For instance he’d talk about a certain person named “john” like as if I know who is “john!” haysh!

    i also agree with the posers, especially on the non-conformist! My motormouth friend is also a non-conformist poser! He thinks he looks cool talking about all the rebellious stuff he does or plans to do!

    hay ang dami ng annoying people!! kill kill kill!!!!

  2. SPOILERS…I just hate them…my bestfriend considers me one though. ahehe! but i didn’t do it on purpose..hahaha! there was one time when i was still survivor fanatic and i failed to watch the live telecast. i was very eager not to miss the primetime broadcast when a classmate spilled the beans…crap…i almost strangled him to death…

    cool post… i was waiting for this really…ngayon lang lumabas, i see..hehe!

    • haha. sorry, I was busy compiling my Top 10 Serial Killers list din kasi. Hehe.

      Meron akong ganyan na friend. As in magagalit sya sayo forever pag naspoil mo sya sa Survivor. Umaabsent pa yun sa class para mapanood yung live telecast at hindi maspoil. Ahem*Lei*ahem

  3. the david cook happened to me! i think i blogged about it. iniwasan ko ang internet at radyo at tv tapos biglang dalawang magkasunod na text. kumusta naman. good thing they were my friends. ayos na rin. =)

  4. u can add here to those guards at the malls that gives way to cars more than to people who are waiting to cross on the pedestrian…grrrrr!!!!!!

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