Last Thursday, I entered the washroom but the two urinals were already taken so I figured I’d just use a cubicle. As I was walking towards the stalls, I accidentally knocked over a Starbucks tumbler sitting on the sink. It didn’t hit the floor but it made a loud noise still. One of the guys at the urinals turned in my direction.


It was the cute guy I always see in the same restroom almost every day. I had told my officemate about him a number of times. There was a guy that for some strange reason, whenever I enter the men’s room, he’s always there. Coincidence. And my colleague would ask if he was cute and I would just smile.

Anyway, that tumbler, apparently, belonged to the cute guy. He gave me a strange look it made me so uneasy. And I muttered “Err, sorry.

He would not look away, throwing me that, uhm, sexy (hihi) look. So I said again, “Uhm, sorry….

He said it was OK. I handed him his tumbler and went into the cube. But before I could shut the door, he was able to half-enter the cube and said, “Hey, where’s your office?

WTF?! Haha. I had never felt my bladder swell that way. “I’m sorry?” was my confused answer. I wasn’t sure I heard it right.

Where’s your office? Where dya work?

703,” I replied.

He said something else but I knew that if I continued talking with him, I might be hurting someone I didn’t wanna lose. Besides, I really, really, REALLY gotta pee.

Before he could finish introducing himself and say his next interrogative sentence, I slammed the door on him. Well, not really “slammed.” Just closed it…. Fine! I slammed it. A little.

I haven’t seem him again since then. Maybe later. Haha. Kidding.


A text conversation with Andre, one of my dearest friends, while I was embracing the almost innocuous discomfort that comes with the great sea of humanity on the MRT.

Yoshke: Hey Andre, you have plans for tonight? Let’s have dinner! Makati?
Andre: Oh, I’m meeting a friend here sa South. Sowee.
Yoshke: It’s alright. I texted Dane rin naman. We’ll have dinner together na lang.
Andre: Dane?! I’m losing track of your boys, Yoshke! Haha.
Yoshke: Dane. My housemate. You’ve met HER.
Andre: Aaaah. Akala ko another guy na naman.
Yoshke: Andre, right now, R%^# is the only guy I know, K?
Andre: Aaaw. Taraaay. I lovet!
Yoshke: Iba kasi ako magmahal no. Joke! Haha.
Andre: Pano? Carino brutal? Haha.
Yoshke: Why do I have this feeling that this conversation will lead to S&M (sadomasochism)?
Andre: Because you’re horny!
Yoshke: OMG, Andre! Yung katapat ko dito sa train is sooo hot. And siksikan sa train. His arm is on my chest. My face, almost on his shoulder.
Andre: OMG! Maputi? (Andre loves men with fair complexion.)
Yoshke: Kakulay ko.
Andre: OMG! Wetness.
Yoshke: Haha. And his chin and jaws are carpeted with uhm facial hair. Yeeeh. Kaso hindi sya mabango, ‘dre.
Andre: OK lang yan. At least, hindi sya mabaho!

And then I realized… Whatever happened to “R$%$ is the only guy I know”? Hahaha.

But seriously, R&^#W% is the only guy I know. I have banished everyone else out of my head.


Why me?

You said in a serious tone. And there I was thinking, nothing could be more awkward than our current set up. We were at the corner table at the Coffee Bean in Gateway. My chair was taller than yours and it was kinda irking me.

Why me?

If I didn’t know you better, I’d say you were fishing. But you’re not that kind. You don’t fish.

All I could say was a groundbreaking “I dunno.” I took another sip of my Guava whatever juice.

Seriously. Back in Ateneo, there were other guys there and they were goodlooking. Why me?

I began searching for an answer and I thought I knew where to look. I looked at your eyes, no, not your eyes. Your eyes aren’t the reason, I thought. Your hair, no, not your hair. Not your smile, either. Not the way you move nor the way you talk. I couldn’t find the answer so I just uttered a number of I-dunno‘s with uhms and errs in between.

I added, “But when I first saw you at that gathering in Ateneo, I told myself I gotta have you. I just knew right then that I wanted you. I dunno why and it doesn’t matter.

You didn’t say anything.

I wonder if I could ever give you an answer that would suffice. Or any answer at all. I doubt it.

Because sometimes, it’s the things that we don’t know that keep us going — the future, Heaven, God. The Uncertain is the foundation of faith. And I have faith in myself that I will do anything to not lose you. Even though I can’t give you a reason.

I will never flirt with that cute guy in the office restroom. Or with any hot guy on the train. You never asked me to do this. But I want to. I want you, only you. And please don’t ask me why.

I just know.


  1. i like the last part better.

    but if i were you, i will make even with the guy in the restroom. next time, ako na naman ang kokorner sa kanya. and i’ll bark at him “where dya work?”


  2. wow..tama yan. dapat stick to one lang. hehe! ok lang na magkacrush…siguro. hehe! not to mention decrease in the possiblitily of acquiring venereal ds. hehe!

    • Natawa naman ako sa nakanang teteng ni Ate. LOL!

      Pero ang cute naman ng kwento. I thought I found him. Or I thought he found me. Hindi pala. I was so wrong about the guy. Tsk. Tsk. My intuitions were right but I still fell for the ‘kilig moments’ he gave me. Good thing I detached myself before I went crazy. Hehe. 🙂

  3. Awwwww. I must say that I enjoyed reading your blog. Exciting life you live. 😉 Haha. Your man is a lucky guy. Must be nice!

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