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The other night, I had a strong urge to text someone. Kuya Ethan (name changed to protect our friendship, haha). He’s my 23-year old friend who had been my roommate since my early days in college until we parted ways middle of this year.

Although extreme opposites, we got along really well. He doesn’t like my political stand but I’m not a fan of his views, either. His sense of humor is very different from mine. He smirks at my favorite films and songs. He doesn’t like me being gay although he understands and respects me completely. He’s very reserved and serious while I’m very vocal and opinionated. He’s more of the logical type (a Law student) while I’m more creative (a Film graduate). He doesn’t like some of my other friends but he is totally aware that most of my friends have a huge crush on him. (He’s cute, btw.) He’s a light sleeper. I’m a late sleeper.

Despite all our differences, I found an older brother in him. And yes, I miss him.

Days after we decided to live separately, he was always telling me that there was no chance he would miss me. And I would just laugh it off, most of the time. Not sharing the room with him required tectonic adjustments at first. But eventually, I got used to it. A week after we separated, I received a text message from him.

Ethan: Hey, where are you?
Yoshke: Home. Why?
Ethan: Aaah.
Yoshke: Why?
Ethan: Nothing.
Yoshke: Why? Why? Why?
Ethan: It’s just that I’m in Trinoma and I was wondering if you were around the area. Maybe we could grab dinner.
Yoshke: Wahahaha. Someone’s missing me!

Kuya doesn’t like showing emotions. He doesn’t like mushy things. But back then, a number of times, we always found ourselves in rare mushy friendship talks. One time, I came home late. He asked me where I had gone and I told him I was with my friends. Kuya is always cynical when it comes to human relationships.

Ethan: Those friends of yours. Are you even sure they are your “friends?” One day, they are all gonna betray you.
Yoshke: Kuya, I may be going out with millions of people but I consider only a few my friends-friends. And I only have six great friends.
Ethan: Kawawa naman silang lima.
Yoshke. Six. I said six, Kuya. Not five.
Ethan: I know. But I also know that I’m one of the six.
Yoshke: Oooh, Presumptuous much? You really think you’re a great friend to me?
Ethan: Of course!
Yoshke: You wish.
Ethan: OK then, tell me I’m not one of the six.

I walked to the other side of the room. He tailed me.

Ethan: Tell me I’m not one of the six.

I wasn’t responding.

Ethan: Well?
Yoshke: Aright! You’re one of them.

And he just laughed there.

As mentioned, one of the things he doesn’t like about me is the fact that I’m gay. I don’t know why even up to now now, he still finds it hard to believe that I have come to love being gay and that it feels so right.

Anyway, as I was saying, last night, he just crossed my mind while in the middle of a conversation with my current housemates. So I sent him a message.

Yoshke: Kuyaaaaaaaa! Wala lang. Na-miss lang kita bigla. Dunno why.
Ethan: Ah, probably because it’s my birthday today and you forgot to greet me!

Oh darn. After a series of childish apologies, I wished him a Happy Birthday. And again, Happy Birthday, Kuya. I just hope you visit this blog even though you don’t like much of what I write about. Like this one. Hahaha.


  1. That’s sweet. I like that he tells you that he doesn’t like your being gay. That’s honesty, a sign of a true friendship. Binabasa nya ba blog mo?

  2. Awww. That is nice. I also had a cool roommate in college. He was from South Korea and was the best roommate of life. I also considered him my older brother. I myself just recently came out to my parents and they told me the same thing your friend did, They don’t like me being gay but understand and respect me completely. 🙂 Thanks for the post. It made me think of my past roommates.

  3. mukhang protective ba si kuya o selos sya dun sa lima pa?

    kaya naalala mo bigla, birthday ni kuya! sayang at di mo na isip agad na birthday nya kaya bigla mo nalang sya naalala, mukha naman okay lang kasi ayaw naman nya ng e-mo. hehehe!

  4. i think mas nakakatuwa nga eh… you forgot pero you remembered… um basta ganun hahahaha

    you remembered HIM, not his birthday. you remembering him in that way must be because of a deeper connection between you two hahaha may ganun

  5. Here’s hoping he’s a friend for keeps. But with the way you describe your relationship with him, he’s gonna be your kuya for a lifetime.

  6. Aww! That’s sweet! And hey, even though he doesn’t the like the fact that you’re gay, he still accepts you!

    And I hate it when there’s this one day on the calendar that’s been bugging me and I figure out it’s a birthday of a close friend. I feel really bad lol.

    So are you going to get him a gift? Wahaha.

  7. I like the storyline. Hehe. I found this site on your Multiply site which, in turn, was found on the UP Multiply site. Love it. 🙂

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