Something Silly

Whenever my friends gave me a call in wee hours of the night, crying because they were madly missing their boyfriends or girlfriends, I secretly laughed at them. I just thought it was silly to weep just because they were not with the person they longed for. Sure, I missed people badly before. But not so badly it could push me to tears.

I thought they were exaggerating. And for that, I wanted to slap them. Really hard.

I’m not supposed to write this entry because it’s Sunday and I don’t usually post on a Sunday. But heck, I’ve done everything — EVERYTHING — for diversion. Nothing worked. Yesterday, I was missing someone terribly. I only stopped crying when I heard his voice on the phone.

The funny thing was that the last time we saw each other was just that morning. When I woke up in his arms.

I had woken to his smile many mornings before. But it was my first time to rouse first and watch him sleep. His arms, around me. His lips, on my forehead. His breath, fluxing with mine. It was the happiest morning of my life.

Silly, I know. Slap me.

PS. Sorry, the previous post was meant to be read only by Shy Guy.


  1. OMG.

    ang sweeeeeeet!

    hay naku, Yoshke ah.. nakakainggit ka.haha!

    *melts into a puddle*

    kaya pala I can’t read the last entry, hmmm, ano kaya ang pa-sweetums msg na yun para kay Shy Guy. ahihihi.

  2. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww… How shweet. Pero I like the irony of the post. Hehehe. Now I miss to be in love. Shet! Hahaha!

  3. balang araw mababasa mo ulit itong post na ‘to at…

    babatukan mo ang sarili mo, sa mga pinagsasasabi mo dito!!! bwahahahaha

    di kasi umaapaw ang kakesohan sa post na ‘to… hindi… not one bit.

  4. aww…that’s so sweet yoshke. i won’t slap you. i support mushy things like this.
    the happiest you can be in the arms of someone you deeply care for or love.woo!

    have a good day yoshke! 😀

  5. i have been reading your posts regularly and i tell you yoshke, this post has been the sweetest, most heart-tugging post i ever read…

    it made me realize how blessed i am to also experience loving someone…

    thanks yosh.. 🙂

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