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100K Subscribers Boracay


A Boracay-based follower invited us to her cafe for a drink and introduced us to some of her friends in the island. And when they noticed we were just a few subscribers short, they subscribed and we finally made it past 100K! 💙 Super pak na pahabol na birthday gift ng universe!

Tateyama Sake Cup

What’s in a Sake Cup?

Got this in the mail a few months ago. It’s a Tateyama sake cup sent to us by a partner agency in Japan. Cute! Ngayon ko lang naalala ulit ‘to kasi may balita na magluluwag na ulit ang Japan, and gaaaah I can’t wait to return!


🌈 I knew they had always known, but the other night I nervously, officially came out to my family. My mom said it wasn’t a big deal because “Buhay mo naman ‘yan. Basta masaya ka at walang natatapakang tao.”

Pak na Pak na Flan

Meron akong suking seller ng leche flan dito sa building. Super sarap. Pero last time, nag-iba yung lasa. Nagbago yata ng supplier. Eh bilang atribida ako, I told her, “Beshie! Mas masarap yung dati.” Yknow, because feedback is important.

Inversely Proportional

I’ve been organizing my travel photos over the past couple of days, and I realized: I HAVE VERY FEW PHOTOS OF MYSELF. 😱 Okay, fine, granted, I don’t have the most photogenic fez 😆 but still. On average, I have 1 photo of myself per destination. In many cities that I visited, I didn’t have…

Out of a Black Hole

FUKUOKA, 2018. Finally finished the screenplay for a horror film that I had been writing for days. And I feel relieved. I am a huge horror fan, but I realized this: It’s one thing to watch a horror movie; to write it is another. It didn’t feel good to be constantly imagining demons, spirits and…


THEY SAY WE CHOOSE OUR FRIENDS. The guy who had occupied one room in our rented apartment left, and we needed someone to replace him. My housemate Dane placed a ROOM FOR RENT ad online, and in no time, our phones beeped non-stop.


BRUSSELS, 2016. We were admiring this view when rain poured, cutting short what was supposed to be an hour-long stroll from Fritkot Bompa (where we had our best fries in the city) to our hostel. We took shelter under a narrow balcony of a nearby apartment.