We Walk Like We Rule the World

I have always loved walking. Back in college, I never took a jeepney to go from one class to another even though the next building was on the other side of the UP Diliman campus. If I could walk, I would. There’s just something in walking that is therapeutic. It’s my way of reflecting on my life, planning my day, and squeezing all my creative juices out. Never mind if it takes too much time and effort. It was never tiring.

But one night in February last year, almost 14 months ago, I was walking to the train station from work when I did something I had never done before while walking alone — I smiled. Out of the blue. I smiled. There was an image in my head that triggered it. It was a vision. It was the future.

That night, I met up with you. You were waiting for me somewhere.

We’ve had an incredible life since that night. We traveled together. We’ve had adventures. Sometimes, misadventures. But you changed how I walked from one point to another. What used to be a mundane activity for me became a blissful one.

Sure, it was nice to walk alone. But it is a lot better doing it with you. It makes things brighter, easier, more fun. Never mind that we were lost in the forest of Guimaras. Never mind that we were stranded at a port for hours in an unfamiliar island. Never mind that we could not find our way through the bustling streets of an alien city in the South. Never mind the scorching heat. Never mind the pollution. Never mind the time. It’s as if every minute we spend getting lost is a minute well-spent.

We never hold hands while walking but there was comfort in knowing I’m with someone, knowing I’m with you. There’s excitement in my hand brushing against yours discreetly. There’s beauty in you getting confused along the way, getting afraid or too shy to ask for directions, tripping on your toe unexpectedly, wiping sweat off your forehead. There’s beauty in you doing anything. Heck, I’m blown away just by looking at you standing there, doing nothing at all. There’s happiness in knowing you’re mine and you’re walking with me. Just me.

Even when we’re staying at one place, we feel like we’re exploring something beautiful. We discover things both delightful and disappointing but always important to be discovered. The key is to accept all things we discover, put them in our pockets and move on. Continue walking. Never quitting.

I am happy. I have never been happier. Nobody could be happier than we are.

I pictured this before. I had a vision of it almost 14 months ago. One night in February, while I was walking to the MRT station on the way to meet you for dinner, an image of this life popped in my head. This image made me do something I’d never done while walking alone before — I smiled. Without you knowing it, happiness started right then, right there.

I have been smiling since.


  1. dang sweet naman yoshke.
    naku, kelan kaya ako magkakaganyan ng feeling?

    ako sa uplb, naglalakad para tipid.
    pero pag uber init na, jeep na eto!

  2. wow. sarap basahin…. naimamagine ko tuloy ichura mo habang naglalakad sa mrt. hehehe. parang sa acad oval when you were walking with someone.. hehehe

  3. Love.. Love.. Love.. 🙂

    Walking with him.. just bein with him.. no talking.. just letting the love burst out your chest.. and letting the love be shown in your smile..

    Such a wonderful smile.. 🙂

  4. Well, if you were still in UP, you’d feel something therapeutic about riding the jeepney. The sun’s freaking everybody out. 😆

    This is cute 🙂

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