The Writings on the Wall: Funny Posters around the Philippines

Sometimes when we feel so alone and sad, all we need to do is look around us. Many times, the things that will make us happy and forget all our problems for a moment are just around the corner, written or posted on a wall somewhere.

I was organizing my gallery when I stumbled upon some old photos that really made me ROTL. I took these pictures at different places across the country and  with the intention of blogging about them but they kind of slipped my mind. Good thing I love organizing files in my laptop.


First up, there’s a building being constructed near Shangri-La’s Chi spa in Mandaluyong. My friends and I were passing by on the way to El Pueblo when we noticed this very cute advisory. Loveth.


The next picture was taken at a souvenir shop in Vigan.

In case you can’t read what’s written in the picture, it says, “H’wag hawakan, LUMALAKI.” (Do not touch. Grows bigger when touched.)

Nice. Because of that, I bought one. Kidding.


The next picture was taken in Sagada, Mountain Province.

Ewan ko na lang kung may mas ku-komportable pa sa CR na yan.


The poster below  I found about two years ago at Grill Queen along Maginhawa Avenue in Teachers’ Village near UP Diliman, Quezon City. All I could say was, “That’s one conio cat!”

Notice that the cat has an email address and a blog! LOL.

I got in touch with the owner of the cat and he told me that the cat came back home just a few days after this bill was posted. Thank God. The owner really loved his cat.


This last poster I found just outside 7-11 along Maginhawa Avenue in Teachers’ Village. It isn’t really funny. But I dunno, it makes me laugh (and cringe, at the same time).

It says, “Babala! Ayon sa salita ng Diyos, ang sinumang patuloy na nakikisama sa hindi n’ya asawa, sa kapwa lalaki or maging sa kapwa ay siguradong mapapasa-apoy ng impyerno. – Levitico 18:22, 1 Corinto 6:0, Roma 1:26-27”

Impyerno my foot!

Anyway, which picture is your favorite? 😉


  1. ^ noah I agree haha yeah luv the last post on babala.. hehehe dapat sa mga red light district nakikita ang ganitong babala perfect na perfect.. hehehe

    cute ng mga picture yoshke hahaha I’m sure marami pang ganyan. From now on magiging observant na rin ako! hehehe

    • it’s like the GAYEST theme everrrr! LOL

      As what a tweep neil_rico said, “You’ve taken gayness to a whole new level with this layout.” Hahaha


    Me and my friend went to a tattoo shop earlier today but the tattoo artist was not around. We saw a sign in the shop saying, “WE TRADE ANYTHING WITH VALUE FOR TATTOOS”

    There’s also a laundry shop in Makati with a sign name, “LETS TALK DIRTY”.

    CRA ON DUTY (CR NA SIRA but on duty daw?)

  3. I love the vibrant color of your blog! nice! after several attempts of changing your theme finally this one is the greatest!

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