Laughter on the Menu

One of the best parts of traveling is being able to try many cuisines. You walk into a restaurant, pick a table, sit, and ask for the menu. The menu will give you what that restaurant has to offer. But if you have crazy attention to details, sometimes you’ll find unexpected laughter somewhere in that list of gastronomic delights. Here are some examples:

Will you ever eat a cruel potato? Well, if you’re brave enough to face one of these insensitive potatoes, you better drive to the Mountain Province and find a restaurant that serves chicken with…

Harsh brown. I'm scared. :S

If you want more foodie adventures, down south there’s a resort offering scrambled eggs with tomato and

Unless it's a union of the hottest waiters in the land, thanks but no thanks. 😛

But if you want the ultimate mind-blowing menu, try these dishes being served in one restaurant in Beijing. My bosses took these pictures and up to now, they still haven’t figured out what these mean. The problems aren’t the dishes, it’s what they are called.

I dunno whether it's just me but it sounded a little more sexual to me. Fresh Jasmine is spent. Oh, Aladdin, how big are you? 😀


What? There's coke in this dish?

Alright, there really is coke. And they're fertilizing the intestines...


  1. I’ve been reading your blog the entire day (for lack of anything to do), and I’m really enjoying it 🙂

    Anyway, I live in japan and I come across funny English often. Never fails to brighten up my day! Cheers!

  2. This was a great laugh. I am studying Filipino culture and I use to live over seas and it just brings back so many memories of the not so great English translations on menus.. I hardly ever knew what I was getting! I was just happy if there was a picture! hahaha..
    I mean “coke is kept fertilizing intestines” really?!?! that just sounds so wrong in so many ways! lol… makes me want to order some more!
    Thanks for the smile though! 🙂

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