The Waterfall

There was a tired silence  lingering inside the van as we pressed the side of our heads on the glass window. Silently we admired the view of the many breathtaking places in Mountain Province as we drove from Sagada to Banaue. The hills, the hillsides, and the terraced hillsides; the mountains, the mountaintops, and the terraced mountaintops; the cliffs, the valleys, and the rivers that run across.

Still, we were quiet.

Only the gentle rumbling of the van’s engine and the soft sound of the wind as it touched our faces, and the faint humming of a hopeful ballad by a friend who always had earphones on could be heard. Together, they made a lullaby and if it went on for a couple more minutes, we probably would have fallen into slumber at the same time.

And then there was noise.

Everyone sitting on the left side of the van let out a blissful shout as we spotted something wondrous, almost completely concealed by towering trees — a waterfall.

We’d seen waterfalls before but this one was different. Even from afar, it looked magnificent as its water cascaded in the middle of a lush rainforest, under a thin sheet of clouds. We just had to stop the van for more time was needed for us to take it all in. It was beautiful.

Until now, I have no idea what it is called. I asked some of my friends who had frequented this area but none of them knew the name of this wondrous beauty. Regardless, this remains as one of the most beautiful moments I have had while on the road.


  1. I wonder why Robbie considers Sagada as his favorite Philippine Destination. Maybe this unknown waterfall is a part of the reason why.

    There’s something about waterfalls na everytime nakakakita ako, biglang moment of bliss lang. Kapag nakatapak na ako sa tubig, parang automatic na tanggal lahat ng problema at pagod.

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