What a Day

This series of unfortunate events starts with a mango and end in an accident.

8AM. For breakfast, I had a green mango without realizing that it would increase my teeth’s sensitivity when I visit the dentist hours later.

9AM. Found my dog and nephew playing “fetch the ball”, except there was no ball, only my right shoe.

11AM. Dentist time. MY GAAAAAHD. Damn mango.

12NN. Boarded the bus to Manila. Traffic was bad and because I had only eaten a mango today, I got so hungry. So even when I’m on a diet, I ate my stash of Nerds. Because I always have a stash of Nerds. Because.

5PM. Got off the bus and discovered that (1) I left my phone charger in the bus, and (2) my right shoe is broken. The sole completely fell off.

5:40PM. Dropped by a mall to buy super glue so I could fix my shoe. It’s now whole again! YAY!

6PM. I rode a tricycle to our apartment. On the way, the driver approached a U-Turn so fast, the trike tumbled on its side. I was thrown OUT of the vehicle and a part of the sidecar squeezed my right foot to the ground. The shoe is once again broken. (Yung shoe talaga yung concern ko. HAHAHA. Pinaghirapan kong idikit yun eh!)

I was so scared that the approaching vehicles would run us over. (It happened in the middle of the road!) Good thing they stopped in time. It almost gave me a heart attack.

Thankfully, the foot is okay. I only got some scratches on my knees and I feel so — shet, anong English sa LAMOG???

Hopefully, the latest episode of The Amazing Race and this Vietnamese dinner will turn things around.

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