The Distraction

PARIS, 2016. Exactly 6 months ago.

That day, instead of sightseeing, we decided to have breakfast with a local friend and just walk around aimlessly after. We kept our cameras in our bags and phones in our pockets, and enjoyed the city without worrying about blog posts. It was our rest day.

When we began travel blogging, I didn’t look at it as a career. I saw it as a good distraction, something to keep me from being devoured completely by my job.

We had no grand plans, except to just snag some Piso Fares. At the time, I had only P30,000 ($600) to my name.

“When we started the blog,” Vins said at one point as we walked, “did you think it would take us to Paris?”

“No,” I answered before letting out a chuckle.

It wasn’t meant to be the job. It was supposed to be the distraction.

So no, not at all.

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