Fateful Walk

Funny how simple things can turn your fate.

For example, whether I would become a geologist or a filmmaker depended on an afternoon walk when I was 16.

Yes, one walk could have changed everything. When I was a college freshman, I planned on shifting to BS Geology. That was my goal all along. The past year, I aced all my GE Geol and Natural Science subjects (1.0!) and I was being encouraged by my prof to shift.

Coming from the gym, I was supposed to travel on foot all the way to the Geology building (NIGS) when I passed by Mass Comm. I stopped and said to myself, “Hmmmm. I dream of writing movies too! I should check out Film.” So I did.

I fell in love with the Film curriculum, I decided not to continue my stroll to Geology.

But sometimes, I think about what could have been.

A big reason why I travel is to see this world’s most breathtaking landscapes (like Cappadocia, in the pic). I would probably see places and what they’re made of differently. As a travel blogger, I would probably be able to share more about them with conviction, with depth, with expert authority. It could have made a difference.

I don’t regret taking up Film. It allowed me to keep a keen eye and an open heart. It enabled me to discover my intense need to capture the spirit of things and the stories told by people and places, and share them in my own way. I doubt I would even become a blogger if I didn’t stop right then.

Just that, every now and then, I wonder what it would be like had I kept on walking.

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