Since we decided to work together on our travel blogs, Asta and I have been inseparable. From tours abroad to local road trips to the friendly neighborhood isawan sa kanto, we are each other’s kaladkarin friend. We’ve traveled together ng summer or winter, maulan or maaraw, planned or spontaneous.

And this was the case even in our pre-blogger lives. Cliche pero our friendship really is just like a long, unplanned trip to somewhere unfamiliar. It’s not always easy or smooth. It’s not always quiet or predictable. Minsan nga turbulent pa. LOL. But there are 3 things I can always count on: (1) that it’s going to be memorable; (2) that it’s going to be fun; and (3) that she’s always there, whatever the weather, whatever the season. Kahit may pandemic.

Our friendship has seen the rise and fall of Friendster and Multiply, Nokia and Alcatel (wuw), testimonials and pokes.

There are high school friends, college friends, work friends. And then there are friends for life — the constants, those who choose to stay in your life, be there, and never lose touch no matter what.

Thanks for being a constant companion! Happy Birthday, Beshie!

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