The Blog and The Boatman

A few months ago, when I checked my message requests, I found a message from someone I didn’t recognize. It was from MARVIN, a boatman we hired for an island hopping tour a few years ago. He was using his wife’s FB account coz he didn’t have one.

Apparently, he had been trying to call to share that he was able to BUILD A HOUSE and BUY A BOAT all because we published his mobile number on one of our articles. One number, one article.

This isn’t the first time we received a message like this. But there was something about it that struck me differently. Maybe because of the pandemic? Maybe because we almost lost our company last year? Maybe because “blogger” as a term has so much negative connotation now? I dunno. 😅

I’m a travel blogger simply because I love to travel and then blog about it. There isn’t anything particularly noble about why I do what I do. Sure, I love meeting people and listening to their stories. But at the core of it, I just truly enjoy it. (Plus, we now make a living out of traveling so yay.) Simple, shallow, and probably selfish, but that’s the truth.

But if we get to help others along the way, mas PAK na PAK.

It’s sobering to be reminded that ALL OF US, as tourists and as bloggers, do have an impact on the places we visit and that we can change people’s lives. Hopefully for the better.

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