Define Happiness

NATIONAL LIST OF QUALIFIERS Foreign Service Examination Qualifying Test Department of Foreign Affairs 06 May 2007 Now, I have a pretty good reason to smile for the rest of the week. One step closer to becoming an ambassador, er, diplomat. Ehehehe.

Let there be space.

Here’s a cart and fill it with everything on display: those African love birds that you find too noisy; those cool keep-out and hands-off signs that you never respect; those royal purple undies you have always disgusted; those designer clothes you enjoy to bash harshly; those elegant jewelry you keep complaining about; those blue roses that you are allergic to; those leather shoes that make you stumble; that exquisite bed you choose to avoid sleeping in; that velvet rope you say you can hang yourself with; that silver pen that can write only my name; that wrapped gift you left…

My Top 5 All-Time Favorite Anime Shows

I am an anime lover. It’s Japan’s greatest contribution to mankind. Hehehe. And in our family, I am the only one who appreciates the beauty and art of anime. And among my university friends, it was only Reen whom I could talk about it so passionately with. (Excluding hentai, that is. Otherwise, I’d have to say Vince and Nep, too. Hahaha.) Every night, you’d find my entire family together in the living area watching primetime drama but not me. I’m usually upstairs, watching something else — CNN, National Geographic, HBO and yes, Animax Channel. My brother cringes whenever he finds me watching anime, insisting that…

The First Day of December

Note: Blogger’s original work. Don’t plagiarize. To those who would dare, as my friend Ayn says it, may the wrath of heaven and earth fall upon you. This is fiction. Please see legal and ethical reminders on the sidebar. Thanks very much. It’s been a bad day. After wasting hours at a cafe drinking practically every cup of coffee that place had to offer, here I am now. Alone. And waiting for the bus. I’ve been to different places in Europe but this is my first time in Bulgaria. And it turns out to be the most frustrating day I…

Oh, Men!

…They’re like chocolate cakes, like cigarettes. I know they’re bad for me but I just can’t leave them alone…. — Buses and Trains, Bachelor Girl

B’t X (1997)

Walking along Shaw Boulevard, I spotted something I’d been looking for since the advent of anime series in DVD — B’t X. Ten years ago, B’t X was shown in the Philippines on ABS-CBN. Actually, at first, I wasn’t sure if I would want to watch it since it replaced my favorite anime show then, Zenki. But not long after its pilot episode I began being hooked and couldn’t help but wait for 4pm in front of the television. It was 1997. Ten years later, only a few people that I know remember this series. It was sad because I really think that B’t X…

That’s All We are Worth

When the human body is broken down into its chemical components — carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, etc. — it is only worth $23.80. — National Geographic Channel FAQS They say that the human soul weighs 21 grams. I wonder how much it costs. Hmmm. I guess the human soul is priceless.

How True

Ang love hindi naman nadadaan sa focus. Dahil kahit anong gawin mong focus, it will never make you love a person any more or any less. — Maging Sino Ka Man