From February, 2008

Witty Graffiti*

Status: Horny… and kidding Music: With You – Chris Brown I got this from a friend’s forwarded e-mail. This is a compilation of oh-so-witty graffiti that can be found all over the University of the Philippines-Diliman campus. It’s funny how these scribbles reflect the character of UP students in general. Grabe, na-miss ko tuloy ang UP. Hahaaay. Enjoy. PALMA HALL/AS: AS chairs: “push button to eject seatmate” “push button to eject urself” “push button to kill teacher.” “push button to eject teacher” ….reply: “It’s jammed! We’re doomed!” Hahaha, nakita ko na ‘to. AS chair : “you know bobo? bobo is…

Tell Me I’m Not Writing into an Abyss or That is What Will Become of My Heart

Status: keep bleeding love. Music: Bleeding Love – Leona Lewis, Love Song – Sara Bereilles I know Dohna has already posted this video on her blog but I just want to share this to my readers, too. This is sooooo cute. Watch it now, now, NOW!!! My Gawd! Life is so unfair! That little boy has a friggin’ love life?!?! And I? Ugh, I’d rather not mention. Haha. Anyway, Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!