From May, 2007

The First Day of December

Note: Blogger’s original work. Don’t plagiarize. To those who would dare, as my friend Ayn says it, may the wrath of heaven and earth fall upon you. This is fiction. Please see legal and ethical reminders on the sidebar. Thanks very much. It’s been a bad day. After wasting hours at a cafe drinking practically…

I Understand Now Why People Don’t Volunteer

Thinking of the most dignified way to kill yourself? Try volunteering for PPCRV as a Poll Watcher. But surprisingly, I’m still alive. (But I didn’t intend to kill myself, I just wanted to help.) Yep, believe it or not, the ever arrogant Yoshke made a humble and noble choice of volunteering this election season. And…

Oh, Men!

…They’re like chocolate cakes, like cigarettes. I know they’re bad for me but I just can’t leave them alone…. — Buses and Trains, Bachelor Girl