From November, 2022

Tateyama Sake Cup

What’s in a Sake Cup?

Got this in the mail a few months ago. It’s a Tateyama sake cup sent to us by a partner agency in Japan. Cute! Ngayon ko lang naalala ulit ‘to kasi may balita na magluluwag na ulit ang Japan, and gaaaah I can’t wait to return!

Yosh Dimen Palanca Award

This travel blogger is now officially a Palanca winner.

When I’m not traveling, I go back to my first love — writing movies. They don’t get produced, but I still do it just because. Didn’t imagine a horror story that came to me in the middle of the night would give me a Palanca award. This is my first award as a screenwriter! This…

Taylor Swift Album Covers

Best Part of Each Taylor Swift Album

Because I was bored, I re-listened to Taylor Swift’s discography on the flight back to Manila. I first liked her as an artist in 2012, when she released RED. I wasn’t a fan then, but it made me more open to 1989, which eventually turned me into a Swiftie.

TBEX Asia 2022

Slaying Stage Fright

THAILAND, 2022. I don’t consider myself a public speaker at all. You know that dreadful feeling just when the rollercoaster ride is about to start? It’s the exact same feeling that stews inside me when I’m about to speak in front of a crowd. Plus, I’m always conscious and awkward on stage.