Define Euphoria

National List of Passers
Held 19-21 December 2007 (Released: 29 August 2008)
Department of Foreign Affairs – Philippines

Gaaawd. Just when I start envying my friends (especially Bebs) for reaching new heights in their careers, something like this comes my way.

From a thousand examinees, now we’re down to 58. (Yeah, the mortality rate in FSO Exam makes us all go suicidal.) I didn’t expect this. I absolutely hoped for it but not expected. I mean, come on, the questions were like:

  • Formulate an ECONOMIC policy for the Philippine Embassy in Paris and back it up with a theoretical framework. (I didn’t have any Economics classes in college, thank you very much.)
  • Trace the history of the Middle East from the Mesopotamian Era up to the present. (What?! Are you frakkin’ serious? I’m a FILM graduate!)

And there were almost 30 questions. Maybe what they needed was a thesis dissertation prepared within half a day. It was the craziest three days of my life. And knowing I failed to follow some test instructions, I really did not expect anything. In fact, I ALMOST GAVE UP ON IT.

Now, there’s just one more round left. Another 3-day exam. Just one more. I’m gonna need a tuxedo. Haha.

Dahil dyan, magpapa-cheeseburger ako! Burger! Burger!


    • yep. From a thousand, naging 130+ na lang kami after nung qualifying exams.

      Tas from 160+ (kasi may 30+ na umulit ng exam), naging 58 na lang kami after the written exams.

      Sana makapasok ako sa susunod na magslash out sila ng tao. Haaaaay.

    • TRUE! Kung sino man ang checker, sana pagpalain sya ni Papa God. At pag nalaman ko kung sino sya, sasambahin ko sya nang bonggang bongga! Hahahaha.

      And yes, hopefully maging senator ako after maging ambassador. Haha. Antagal pa nun!

      Tama ka nung college, magiging pulitiko ako. Hindi nga lang balimbing.

    • Waaaah. Nalaman ko na pumasa ako, pasakay ako ng MRT. Hindi ako makagalaw, nagpalagpas ako ng 2 trains bago sya nagsink in. Maiyak-iyak na ko. Haha.


  1. When you’re already an ambassador, are you going to share some of your immunities? nyahaha

    Anyway, congrats! ^^

  2. Hey, when you become a big time diplomat, remember that once upon a time, we were online blog buddies. Hehe.

    I heard that the FSO exam is so tough. But you must be smart to ace the exam. Congrats!

  3. congrats yoshke! ang talino talaga, naaaaks! hehehe. naging pangarap ko rin yan for a while pero ginising ko na ang sarili ko. di ko keri ang ganyang lebel ng gruelling exams and everything.ikaw lang ang matupad, masaya na ko. yeee. =)

  4. Congratulations on your accomplishments. I’m curious though, when did you start the process? Was this the old test or the new one that includes the lengthy personal essay questions?

    • Wasn’t a joke.

      The last day of the Orals is actually a formal dinner. So it’s gonna be either Barong or tux, since it’s formal. But they required us to come in Barong (men), Filipiniana dress (women).

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