The Line That Must Not Be Crossed

Another short conversation with a friend over Yahoo Messenger.

Yoshke: Done reading?
Friend: Aye aye. Sweet. Mushy.
Yoshke: Should I say “Thanks?”
Friend: lol. How come all your short, short, short stories are about friends falling in love?
Yoshke: NOT ALL. Just the ones I post on my blog.
Friend: Tell me, are you in love with a friend?
Yoshke: No. 🙂
Friend: Don’t tell me it’s me.
Yoshke: Whoah, is it just me or it really turned windy here?
 You’re corny.
Yoshke: And you’re presumptuous! Assuming much?
Friend: So why the fascination?
Yoshke: I just love writing about it but it doesn’t mean I’m in that predicament.
Friend: You’re in love with a friend. Who is it?
Yoshke: I am not.
Friend: Do I know him?
Yoshke: I am not in love with anyone.
Friend: One of your college friends? Office friends?
Yoshke: I will never be in love with a friend. I can’t be.
Friend: Oh, it’s one of those little rules you impose on yourself.
Yoshke: Yeah. And you know, when I like someone, I tell him right off the bat.
Friend: Whore.
Yoshke: I meant, I don’t befriend someone just because I like him. Because once the friendship is drawn, there’s no crossing the line for me.
Friend: What if he’s the one to cross the line?  /:]
Yoshke: A speeding truck will run him over. =))
Friend: lol
Yoshke: You see, next to family, I value friendships the most. And I don’t wanna screw it up just so I could be in a romantic relationship when I can just fall in love with someone else with which there’s no friendship to screw up.
Friend: Man, you ARE in love with a friend.
Yoshke: I am not! And I’m signing out if you say it again.
Friend: You’re in love with a friend.

I am not. Never have been. Never will be. I SWEAR.


    • That’s not true. And even if it were true, I have FIVE bestfriends. All handsome and smart. So, which one? Haha. Go figure. Hahaha. 😛

  1. hmmm excuses hahaha

    falling in love with friends doesn’t necessarily mean you ruined the friendship.

    and besides ilan ba friends mo? let’s say kunwari you have 10 friends, its not like you’ll fall in love sa kanila lahat! probably isa lang sa kanila, so kung ma-ruin man yung friendship you still have 9 more friendships (to ruin hehehe)

    and sabi nga nila na maganda raw na yung ka-relasyon mo is a good friend… kasi mas matagal kayo magsasawa sa isa’t-isa

  2. i have the tendency to do this..
    but i always choose friendship still at the end…
    i have a lot of bestfriends… almost all of them, X ko..hahahaha

    • I have several bestfriends, too. Lahat sila GWAPO. Hahaha. Ayan, si Robin, cutie yan. (Hala, bako lumaki ulo nyan.) But none of them became my boyfriend kasi hindi naman kami talo. At ayoko naman sila taluhin at hindi naman ako naaattract sa kanila. Hahaha.n 😛

      And yeah, friendship over lust, este, romance. 😉

  3. if you fell in love with a friend, and it worked out for you… then it’ll be a great thing but if screw it up…the friendship will never be the same… haha! ok lang na mainlove just be cautious about the consequences..ahehe!

    pero ang ganda nga ng mga short stories mo… lalo na yung naglalakad? 7 missed calls ba yun? great!

    ay ganun ba? kapag may time ka iavail mo na… ahehe!

    so are you in love? hahaha!

    • ok lang na mainlove just be cautious about the consequences.

      exactly my point. 🙂

      pero ang ganda nga ng mga short stories mo

      Thanks. Hehe.

      ay ganun ba? kapag may time ka iavail mo na

      Naku, malabo. Andami ko pang series na kelangang tapusin.

      so are you in love?

      Dunno. Maybe. But absolutely not with a friend. Hehe.

  4. Everytime I fall in love with a friend, I always let a speeding truck run over me.

    “… Never have been. Never will be.”

    I doubt. =)

  5. I’ve been in this situation. The friend crossed the line and I fell for it. In the end, he fell out and I was hurt so badly. We don’t talk right now. I won’t. Ever.

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