We Crash Like Planes Do

I don’t want to start this blogging year with an emo entry but I really have got something emo to say. And I’ve got to say this now.

Even before I hit puberty, my friends have been emigrating — to Canada, to the US. That’s why back then, I developed some sort of hatred towards these two countries. I felt like, “North America is stealing my friends.”

Years passed, and I noticed that I’d been losing friends not just to Canada or the US but also to Australia, to the UK, to the Middle East. It’s as if all the other nations are conspiring to make my life miserable. I felt like being left behind. Left alone.

But then, as I grow older, I’m starting to realize that this is life. And that it’s not about me. It’s about them. That although the friendship you share is deeply treasured, your friendship is not all there is in the world. That no matter how much distance the world puts between you two, the value of that friendship does not change.

That people come and go. Just like that.

But it’s hard to accept this truth because when people come into our lives, we love them. We love them as though they will be with us all the time. We just don’t think about the moment they’re gonna have to leave. Because we never think they are gonna. Until they do.

Who could blame us? They are friends. We get used to the comfort of their presence.

That when they reach out, it’s hard not to hold their hands.

That when they speak, it’s hard not to listen.

That when it’s their turn to listen, it’s hard not to cry.

That when we need to cry, it’s hard not to be with them.

That when we are with them, it’s hard to leave.

And that when it’s their turn to leave, it’s just hard — so hard — to let go.
To JT.


  1. at dahil dyan, makikiramay ako sa emo moment mo…

    my bestfriend will be leaving for saudi this year, probably late this year… hindi ko na maxadong naiisip pero dahil nabasa ko to, i realized that separation in incontrovertible. but i guess, people come and go… let’s just make the best out of the moment while they’re still with us…

    • I agree with, Ron. Being apart from anyone is uncontrollable, yet you always have the option to communicate with them. There’s instant messaging, blogging, texting and calling, even though it’s a bit expensive. (There’s always Skype to save your call expenses. Haha.)

      Make the most of what life throws you. I mean, while they’re still here, jam with them, go out with them. You’ll never know what happens next.

      Anyways, there are people who would surely replace the friends that left you. I’m not saying they left you for good, it’s just that they’re not tangible enough unlike these new friends that will be coming to your rescue. Although these new people might leave you sooner or later as well, at least you were not left behind without anyone to hold on to.

      You are not alone. 🙂

  2. hi yoshke happy new year oi nakarelate ata ako sa sinulat mo ako naman ung nangiwan ng friends lumisan papuntang gitnang silangan.hay namiss ko tuloy sila.

  3. Oo nga!! ung ka-family too!
    but we have to understand and be happy for them. Pero sobra lang nakakamiss talaga! iba parin ung kasama sila kesa ka-friendster o facebook o ka YM.

  4. aww… sad but so true… I just met some new friends the last few days, and I know they’ll be leaving soon. It’s difficult because you just get used to their presence, but you just have to move on…

    Friendships suck!!! Lolz

  5. they may come and go, but be sure that they know where to find you.

    my best friend will be coming home this january. the geek is so excited. but the part i hate most: that tearful goodbye when “nation will steal” her. again.

  6. that’s what life really is. Friends come and ho.. parang sa isang party.. people will come to your party and will say “they will stay for long” but yun pala nakikikain lang.. hehehe.. tapos alis na agad.. pabiro ko man sinabi pero may point ako dba? that’s the reality.. but me.. I’m not like that.. I always treasure people.. and I’m always loyal to dead…

  7. think as if he/she is doing it for himself, for him/her to have a brighter future? maybe that way it’ll be easier to accept the fact that he/she has to go.

  8. Why is letting go such a painful thing to accomplish?
    Is it because of our fear that once we let a person go, we get no assurance of his/her return to us?

    kung pwede lang i-apply lagi yung sinabi ni yoda eh:

    “train yourself to let go of all the things you fear to lose”

    happy new year!

  9. eh pano kung ikaw yung umalis? like me.. waaah! that sucks more kaya..

    My friends still YM me pag may lakad.. “ert, kita, kita daw mamaya sa shang”.. wanted to fed ex a kick on the face, but then again, i feel like i’m just on a very very long vacation, and i’d always come home. but im worried, if i come home, no one will be there anymore..

    haaay, lumiliit na kasi ang mundo.. i have friends who moved na din to singapore and dubai.. the other one is preparing for a career in the states… me, im lutang.. im in jakarta now, but who knows where i’ll be the next year or so.. bummer..

    pero happy kasi may internet na.. when i get home, i can talk to my friends, i can read their blogs.. para lang dati, nung tamad pa ako lumayas ng bahay at makipag-meet.. matraffic kasi sa cainta.. haha..

    oh well, just make the most of what u have, the internet.. imagine noong unang panahon, snail mail! Lord!

    i feel for u.. cheer on! it’s still a happy new year!

    *ayan, di na email nilagay ko sa URI.. harhar..

    • My friends still YM me pag may lakad.. “ert, kita, kita daw mamaya sa shang?.. wanted to fed ex a kick on the face,

      haha, natawa ako nang bonggang bongga. pero sucky nga yan. deymn.

      haha, honga, finally, natama mo na yung URI mo.

  10. Nasabi na yata nilang lahat…

    Ito nalang ang sasabihin ko: I LIKE THIS POST! Very meaningful din sya para sa akin kasi ang bestfriend ko nasa Philippines din ngayon, kapag nag-uusap kami sa phone, parang ito ‘yong nakikita ko sa kanya, itong mga sinasabi mo rito.

  11. This entry is so-well written parang voice-over ng isang pelikula.

    Well, what really matters is that you’re chasing your dreams. Be patient, it’s always nice to wait for something better because you know you’re doing something about it.

    Like I said before, relax ka lang… you’ll get there.

  12. Throat. Apir tayo diyan. Nangawala silang lahat. Na-lost sa land of milk and honey. Bakit wala masyadong nag-a-attempt mag-migrate sa…Egypt ganyan? Cool kaya dun.

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