The Promil Kid Goes to School

I’ve been sick since Monday. Tonsilitis again. Last year, I had this seven (or eight?) times. Gaaaah. Told ya, the relationship between infections and my tonsils is almost romantic. They love each other sooo much, they might elope in the near future. But if there’s any consolation, I’m losing weight FAST! Yay for that.

Anyway… Guess who’s back!!!

Because Tepid Rain isn’t from Heaven

One night, I was in the middle of a barren land. A few months before, it was a cane field. Then my childhood started playing in my head again. This was where my brother and I ran kites. This was where my friends and I played softball. This was where I used to kick my football around on. But this time was different. It was a cold evening. And it was raining. And I was happy. I haven’t walked in the rain in a long, long time.

Something was wrong, though. The water was warm.

And I woke up. It was a dream. I opened my eyes. And there was my nephew. Standing on the bed. Peeing. Sleep-peeing. On me.

Cue: Abba, “…I’ll cross the stream. I have a dream….”

Because Gloating is Fun

If there’s one thing that my nephew didn’t get from me, that’s shame. I have always had a strong sense of shame since I was a baby. (Yeah, I never made dede in public. Haha. Weh?)

My nephew, on the other hand, does what he wants when he wants it. Like dozing off. NEVER have I ever slept at the workplace or at school. But my nephew, gaah, his classroom is his bedroom. He finds it comfy. And no matter how hard his Teacher Janna tries, he always uses Science class hour for his nap time.

So when his first Periodic Exam came last August (?), I was a little scared for him. When we passed the gates of his school, he was greeted by many of his classmates’ parents with disheartening remarks. One of them even asked my nephew sarcastically, “Oh, how are you gonna pass this test when you always sleep your way through the classes?”

I couldn’t reply. Wait there, you old hag; I’ll come up with a sinister, condescending comment, I thought. But I couldn’t. No condescending comment was thrown. I was not sure how he was gonna make through this exam, either.

When the exam was over, I asked my nephew how it was. He shrugged, “It’s okay.”

The next day, I was waiting for my nephew’s class to finish. Apparently, the papers had been checked and the results were out.

My nephew scored 100%. He was the only one.

And boy did it feel REAL good asking the parents about their children’s grades. Wahaha. There goes my sinister, condescending comment, I mumbled.

Because Cockiness is Hereditary

One time in September, I dropped by my nephew’s school to pick him up. I found him at the parking lot, near the church. (It’s a Catholic school by the way.) He was sitting on the ground with his back pressed on the wall. He looked depressed and harried. The last time he looked like that was when he kicked the School Principal on the ankles because he wanted to take home an enormous Sto. Nino displayed inside the church and the principal won’t let him.

Yoshke: What’s wrong?
Nephew: I’m just tired.
Yoshke: Did you play the whole morning?
Nephew: No. We studied.
Yoshke: And you’re tired?
Nephew: Yes.
Yoshke: What made you feel sooo tired like this?
Nephew: Because I’m so smart. I kept on answering Teacher Janna’s questions. I answered all her questions. And I stood up and sat again and stood and sat and stood and sat again. It’s tiring. I’m sooo tired. I’m sooo smart.

Whoah. At least he inherited my cocksure attitude.


    • like my nephew on my husband. tamad mag-aral pero when it comes to test average naman and never failed. ang kulit kulit pa. Yun pamangkin ni yosh was the same attitude as my nephe when he was 5 (bf ko pa lang husband ko non). He kepts on asking me adult related things. Yun hindi mo maiisip na iisipin ng bata.

      • Online ako buong araw ‘no, hehe!

        Talagang binabalik mo dun yung usapan ha. haha. 😛

        Dominante at bossy lang ako sa mga kaibigan. Pero sa strangers, tahimik lang ako. Ayoko magsalita at ayoko lumapit. 😛

        Tahimik ako sa umpisa, pero pag at ease na ko, tangena, ANGGULU-GULO KO. haha.

        • Ganun din ako. Kunyari maamong tupa sa simula. Pag tagal-tagal, demonyito na. Mwahahahaha!

          Pero ang cute-cute ng mga Promil Kid stories mo. Nakakaaliw. Hehehehe. “I stood up and sat and stood and sat. I’m soooo smart.” LMAO!

        • hindi naman. naalala ko lang mga sinabi mo before. hehehe. mahiyain din ako sa mga hindi kaclose. pero maingay wid frens. hindi nga kita kinAusap sa oval. pademure effect

  1. i hope my niece grows up to be like your nephew, i told na nga na promil ang ipainom. haha! i demand that my niece drink promil.

    good post! it made me laugh again. you too are sooo smart.

  2. Haha. I know how your nephew feels. 😛 I used to be the smart one too back in grade school. So much the teacher asked me to stop answering all the questions. Anyways, in order to get me to quiet down she made me her assistant and I graded papers for her. I also got lots of sleep myself. 🙂 Your nephew is a smart kid. Nurture his gift. And I hope I get tonsilitis so I can lose weight FAST too! 😛 Just kidding. Oh and it made me laugh that your nephew was “Sleep-peeing” on you. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

  3. Guess the comment I left earlier didn’t post. If this is a repeat then my bad. Ahh but I see your nephew is a young brain which reminds me of myself back in grade school. My teacher used to tell me not to answer the questions cuz I’d answer all of them. So she made me grade papers for her. After that I roamed the halls with my hall pass and caught up on sleep. I think there is an inner brain within you yourself. 😛 Hahahaha. It cracked me up reading about how he was “Sleep-peeing” on you. Classic. But yeah, nurture his gift and challenge the youngin’. And as for you losing weight while sick, all I gotta is say is ur lucky. How does one get tonsilitis anyways? 😛

    • Funny coz his teacher ACTUALLY made him her assistant. Whenever they need a saint statuette, she asks him to go with her so he could carry those little St. Roche, St. Michael, etc for school programs. And he’s always happy to do that since he has a “saintly” fascination.

      And I don’t even like being a Catholic. Haha.

  4. Idol! I’m starting to really really like this promil kid. LOL. Now, I’m excited to see my nephew going to school too. maturuan nga din. hehehe

  5. astig si pamangkin mo ha!

    I remember during my college years, sa di sinasadyang pagkakataon, nakakatulog din ako, at nasa harap pa ng prof mismo… Then maririnig ko na lang “Bring 1/4 sheet of paper, we’ll have a quiz” Waaaaaah! Magtataka na lang ako nai-papasa ko pa, siguro yung subconsious mind ko ang gumagana, lolz

    About the love team of you tonsil and infection, how many times do you get that in a year? Cuz seriously you have to have it check, it might lead to complication such rheumatic heart… or so.

  6. haha funny!you are very lucky to have such a smart nephew!

    and by the way about the tonsilitis thing,you could have that remove surgically,especially that it is always infected as u have said,ano b kasi sinusubo mo?kidding!hahaha and tosilitis tend to cause a heart disease!

  7. Haha. I’ve just started reading ALL of your nephew’s “Promil moments” and I couldn’t stop laughing. Darn I’m just lovin’ your nephew. haha.

  8. Nephew: Because I’m so smart. I kept on answering Teacher Janna’s questions. I answered all her questions. And I stood up and sat again and stood and sat and stood and sat again. It’s tiring. I’m sooo tired. I’m sooo smart.


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