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A Break-up Letter

I never expected I’d be writing you this letter. We’ve had six years of wonderful memories but I’m afraid it had come to the point where you started to break my heart. I should’ve seen it coming since I’ve been finding it hard to breathe lately. It’s time to end the pain that I’m feeling and I just have to say goodbye. I’ve known you since I was a kid but it was only before my college graduation that we had a real relationship. At first, it was difficult for me to get along with you considering the nasty things…

What’s Up, Doc? Really, What’s Up?

This happened more than two years ago. But it’s still pretty clear in my head. June 2009. It was the time when I was constantly having serious digestion problems. Sometimes, my digestive system would not do its job dissolving food while other times, it would just overdo it. I finally had enough so I decided to see a doctor.

Resentment Grows Heavier

When I was in college, every time I stepped on the weighing scale, I’d pray, “Dear God, sana tumaba-taba naman ako kahit konti.” Now, every time I do that I say, “OH GOD, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!” Dang it!  #MustLoseWeight

Skydive For Life

Skydive For Life. What is it, eh? Let’s just say that my former co-worker Elvin Uy has always wanted to try skydiving but would not have enough courage to skydive just for the sake of. So let’s put some cause into his dream adventure. We’ll give him enough ego boost but on the way down, we’ll be able to help him help a cancer patient via Cancer Warriors Foundation.

Bulleted Blurts

Wow, time flies. January has only a few days left. I still got tonsilitis. Dammit. But it’s aright, I’m completely functional. Just that my breath smells like a slice of durian you trap in a jar for a week and then you open it and voila…. Yikes. So now I’m in Batangas with my family. Yesterday, I was in Tagaytay. And it was COLD. I know what you’re thinking. “Come on, it’s Tagaytay, of course, it’s cold. Duh?” Well yeah, but not that cold. I’m always there. Thanks to its proximity to our house here. But it was really cold.…

The Promil Kid Goes to School

I’ve been sick since Monday. Tonsilitis again. Last year, I had this seven (or eight?) times. Gaaaah. Told ya, the relationship between infections and my tonsils is almost romantic. They love each other sooo much, they might elope in the near future. But if there’s any consolation, I’m losing weight FAST! Yay for that. Anyway… Guess who’s back!!! Because Tepid Rain isn’t from Heaven One night, I was in the middle of a barren land. A few months before, it was a cane field. Then my childhood started playing in my head again. This was where my brother and I…

I’m in Pain

BREATHE IN, DAMN IT! My nasty lungs are giving me the torture of the century. Every effin’ breath hurts. Damn. And now I’m imposing a cigarette ban on myself. For now. A TALE OF MY BLOODY TOENAIL My right big toe is swollen. I got ingrown toenails, and I had been complaining about it since, like, forever but I couldn’t do anything because I was afraid it would bleed. And you know how I react when I get up close and personal with blood. Aargh. My housemate told me to forget about shoes for a while. What?! Are you kidding me?…