Weekend With Andre

Status: SICK! TONSILITIS! My first this year.
Music: Mad – Ne-Yo | Poker Face – Lady GaGa

Last year, my friend Andre introduced Diego to me. And right then, I fell in love. Diego was just soooo nice and cool and fashionable and affordable. Oh, sorry, I’m talking about the store. DIEGO Store.

Their items, especially their pullovers and shirts were so cute. The best thing about it is that since it’s not that popular yet, you don’t have to worry about being in the same place with someone wearing the same shirt. Exactly the reason I stay away from popular lines like Penshoppe, Bench, Folded and Hung. I don’t usually care about fashion, but it happened to me once. I was wearing Bench and I ran into a guy who was in the same shirt. Gaaaah, mortifying.

Last Friday (8pm), Andre and I dropped by the Mall of Asia to grab a gift. And we came across a new shop — FOX. And whoooah, I looove the store. It excites me in ways that only sex does. It’s an Israel-based fashion chain. They have really, really pretty items there, and they are not costly!

My conscience tells me I must come back. Yeah, coz my conscience is gay like that.

Saturday, 1am.

After the party. Somewhere around BF Homes in Paranaque.

Andre: You wanna kill time at Starbucks?
Yoshke: Eeeh. I don’t wanna spend anymore. I have a couple of gift certificates from my boss but I left them at home.
Andre: Oh, you don’t need gift certificates. You just need me.

Huwaaaw. That’s me being a friend with benefits. LOL.

Saturday, 6pm

While on the train to my apartment. Andre spotted a cute CILF (Commuter I’d Like to Fu… er… poke. yeah, Commuter I’d Like to Poke). Make that CILP.

Andre: Confirmed. That guy is gay.
Yoshke: How’d you know?
Andre: He’s wearing Folded & Hung.

Wahahahaha. WTF.


  1. Heh. This made me smile.

    Tell your friend Andre that I’d like to borrow his line, “Oh, you don’t need gift certificates. You just need me.” Alavit. πŸ™‚

  2. Haha. I went shopping this weekend too with some friends. It’s a breath of fresh air to shop with other guys who enjoy shopping for clothes like I do instead of going myself. Shopping and checking out fellow shoppers is the best. I can finally wear clothes I wanna wear and it’s exciting. πŸ˜› I wouldn’t mind headin’ to your mall. I wonder if the style/trends in clothes there is different than here in the states.

    • that’s the thing, I actually dislike shopping. πŸ˜› I’m just the type of person who buys something he likes impulsively.

      Andre loves shopping, though. Loves it like mad.

  3. you should also try 101 NEW YORK. they have outlets in megamall and landmark. nice clothes and new designs. hindi siya mainstream unlike bench and talagang cutting edge ang style nila. so new york! hehe.

    nagiging stereotypical gay clothing nga ang f&h. e pano ba naman, kung pumunta ka sa store nila, mega overdrive ang gaydar mo! and let’s face it, they cater naman talaga to the pink market. but i don’t like their designs anymore. dati maganda, ngayon deteriorating na. nagiging bench na sila..just for the sake of selling clothes. πŸ™

  4. hello! first time ko din pla dito. salamat sa pagdaan last time=p

    that happened to me too. yung may makapareho ng damit, good thing i have a jacket then. and that was my epiphany to buy somewhere else. hehe. parang di ko pa kayang bumili sa diego. can i borrow Andre? para makatry din ng diego? aheheh or kahit coffee? ahehe

    ingats palagi!=p

  5. i also have an F&H shirt. hmmm. hahaha

    your friend andre is the man! super funny and witty. haha.

    (i love lady gaga! just dance and poker face. =)

  6. lol wag DIEGO may batas tayo!!!when i heard that name unang pumapaok sa isip ko si diego kabayo ng bubble gang.lol

    whats the difference between maggot and faggot?

    maggot maninipsip ng patay at waalng buhay na mga cells
    faggot maninisip ng lakas ,binubuhay hanggang sa mamatay

  7. which reminds me…i like boy watching in coffee shops. cute guys na tipong pwede kang mag-ilusyon na pinag-aagawan ka nila. haha. πŸ™‚

    CILF, another new acronym. loveit. πŸ™‚

  8. O. Ang funny ko pala…?

    BTW, it was you who introduced me to Diego. Not the other way around as you claim it to be. REMEMBURRR??? We were meeting at Mega. And I was eternally late so you went around while waiting for me. Then you saw Diego. Then you brought me there.


  9. haha same reason i stay away from bench and penshoppe!!!

    yeah u are right folded and hung are gay’s choice of clothing lately and they hang out at starbucks!hehehe

  10. Andre: So I used to be a caterpillar?
    Yoshke: No, you were a maggot.
    Andre: And now?
    Yoshke: Now you’re a… faggot.

    Hahahaha. Tawang-tawa lang ako dito. πŸ™‚

  11. weee i love Diego, their shirts are so comfy.

    weee i like Andre na. parang sarap kaibiganin haha.

    i missed this blog, yosh! sa wakas nakabalik rin ako dito

  12. yeah, i tried buying clothes from both new york 101 and diego. they’r both nice stores and not that popular among many so small chance of having someone wearing the same garments as you do. and they’re both affordable. maybe a bit more costly than penshoppe and bench but hey, it’s worth it!!! and yeah, f&h is like, uh, so gay…

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