Yoshke, The Dreamer

One of the first books I received was a children’s bible. It was small, red, and a little too thin for a bible.

Of course, as a kid the first thing I did upon receiving it was scan it and see the pictures. On every page was an image and a short story. My uber-Catholic parents and siblings used to read me biblical stories to sleep. (Oh yes, I grew up in a so very Catholic environment and look how I turned out, haha, agnostic, gay and reckless). Thus, I recognized some of those stories instantly — Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Noah, Abraham, Jacob — so I didn’t bother reading them.

What caught my attention was the story after Jacob’s. There was a picture of a kid being pulled up a well, and in the background were several men and a caravan. I read it and fell in love with it right away. It was the first story I read on my own. The story — Joseph, the Dreamer.

I admire Joseph. I’m in love with him. He is kind. He is vengeful. He is human. And in my head, he’s hot.

Also, “dreams” fascinate me the way porn does. Not that I like porn. Yeah, I do, who doesn’t? But I meant, how it fascinates other people. Yeah, dreams fascinate me the way porn fascinates other people. Haha. Nagmalinis daw.

Anyway, I’ve been dreaming a lot recently. And I sorta remember those dreams even up to now. So I’m reminded of Joseph once again. But unlike Joseph, I’m not really good at interpreting dreams. Anyone here who’d like to play Joseph and try to figure out what my dreams mean?

If you’re right, I’ll give you.. err… nothing. If you’re right, good for you. ๐Ÿ˜›

Here are the dreams:

Mute Ushers and a Broken Cellphone

There was a blogger event at Star Mall parking lot. I’m assuming it was Star Mall because I could see an overpass leading to SM Megamall from where I was seated. One of the ushers was a college friend. For this narrative’s sake, let’s call him Joseph. Well, so Joseph was an usher but ushers were not allowed to talk. He was wearing this weird usher uniform which resembled a London guard. He approached me and he said that I won a cellphone. I was confused because I didn’t even join any contest or raffle. Without talking, he was able to let me know that he was not allowed to talk any more. So he walked me to the overpass. Once there, the organizers gave me a high-end phone but it had a girl-ish decoration, something like flower stickers. Worse, it didn’t have a battery. I asked why the phone was like that but no one would talk. So I left and sat again. And then, I woke up.

The Mistaken Ambassador

There was a blogger event at the hotel I was in. I was just there for pleasure. But when my boss saw me there, she told me that she needed me to help managing the event. I was in a black suit but the event required men to wear Barong Tagalog. I told my boss that I needed to get to the mall and find a barong. The mall was like Bonifacio High Street. Once there, I saw an ambassador. She was one of the panelists who interviewed me at the Foreign Service Oral Exams. She recognized me and said she needed to talk. She apologized for being the reason I did not make it through the Orals. She said she misjudged me and that she would fix it and make everything right. She was about to show me my grades when I woke up.

Snakes in the Bed

I was in my grandfather’s bed. All of my cousins were outside, playing. I saw a bag in the bed and opened it. Inside were snakes — different kinds. But before I could freak, I realized that the floor was already covered with hundreds of snakes. A few were as big as pythons and some were as small as earthworms. I was just in the bed looking at them as they dominated the entire house.

Billy Doesn’t Make Me Hot

I was in a room, alone. In one corner was a stage and on it was Billy Crawford, performing. And there I was, wanking in front of him. (Funny. In real life, I don’t even find Billy Crawford attractive.) But there was something wrong, I couldn’t get an erection.

We all have our share of recurring dreams. This is the dream that plays in my head most often.

Trouble on the Oresund Bridge

I was at the Oresund Bridge, the famous bridge-tunnel connecting Sweden and Denmark. I was either a tour guide or an engineer coz I was telling themย  how amazing and groundbreaking the bridge was to a group of tourists. When we were at the tunnel, I noticed that there was some water getting through the walls so I tried to block it with my hands. Water continue to force its way in but I managed to fix the holes. Later, I was on the bridge. After explaining to the tourists how it was built, I suddenly noticed one of the giant screws getting loose. So secretly, I fixed it. But then, I noticed more and more screws and bolts corroding. And then the bridge shook dangerously. Before it could collapse, I would wake up.

Scary huh?

Do you have an interpretation? Come on, shoot.


  1. as much as I’d like to help… i’m clueless in dream interpretation…

    couple of things that i know though is if in your dreams you lose a tooth… someone is about to die… (which i find pretty much accurate)

    and if in your dreams you’re being chased… you’re keeping something from people…

  2. The Mistaken Ambassador: you hate your current job and would do anything to be an ambassador because you think you’re good in international relations. You see yourself as a go-to person, a leader, a very successful individual. Ayan, may prize na ako.

  3. nakow… i’m really fascinated by dreams. sometimes they represent hidden of repressed sexual tendencies… haha!

    wanking with no erection??? can’t imagine! urgh!


    the globe event represents ur current job. you are in your current job but you are still fixated in your “dream” of becoming an ambassador. but failing the exams made you somewhat disappointed that you didnt get it. the ambassador in your dream and her desire to help you symbolize that you are hopeful that someday you will still realize your dream.

    i’m not sure if you’re still keen on being ambasador to date or if you are happy with you job… but this dream is about change. either you need it now or something is goin to change in the near future.

  5. Hi yoshke. I have a friend who can interpret dreams. Nagpainterpret na ako sa kanya at tama nga yung sinabi niya. I’ll try to consult her for you. =)

    Anyway, san mo nga pala nadownload yung Love of Siam OST? =)

  6. Trouble in the OResund Bridge: (speculation only) You dream of going to Denmark (or any foreign lang) however you fear that something would go wrong that would inhibit you from fulfilling that dream.


    A relationship very dear to you is almost breaking up. You try fixing it with all means that you know. Fortunately, it fixes it. Temporarily, though. As you thought it’s been fixed, you tend to forget to nurture the relationship to the point that the second party would also tend to not nurture what has to be nurtured. Until everything crashes just in front of you. Just like that.


    Something not good is happening at your back symbolized by the phone. Mute ushers are the people who know what is happening but won’t speak up.


    I totally agree with mcprophet about this. ๐Ÿ™‚


    this is a dream about the things you have in mind at the present. you are so preoccupied about a lot of things and you dont know what to settle first. so you try to settle them all at the same time but to no avail, other things come up. maybe life is beeing too fast paced these days. you might want to slow down a bit. ๐Ÿ™‚


    I was in a room, alone. In one corner was a stage and on it was Billy Crawford, performing. And there I was, wanking in front of him. (Funny. In real life, I donโ€™t even find Billy Crawford attractive.) But there was something wrong, I couldnโ€™t get an erection.


    kasi hindi ka na attracted sa guys… sa girls na ulit..

    dali gawa na tayo baby…


  10. Lucky for you Yoshke you remember your dreams.

    I always dream of falling in a cliff. Someone’s always pushing me, then, I just suddenly wake up.

  11. Hey Yoshke,

    It’s been a while, but I’m sure you probably just wanted the beautiful rainbow coat made for Joseph, huh. Haha. But let me see, I’ll take a stab at the bridge dream. I think that means that the people who you are showing around are people in your life like your parents, friends, and others. You show them what they would want to see. But in private the bridge, your world, is coming apart. Some things are not going like how you would like them to go. Problems in queue are represented by the loose screws. And your secretly trying to fix them but they don’t seem to be getting any better. So in the end, the people feel the tremors and this scares you because this is the first time it is revealed to them that the bridge might be unstable. So the people in your life see what they thought was in good condition as being flawed and in need of repair. But at least the bridge didn’t collapse. Maybe you just need to admit that you need some help so together you can all fix the bridge.

  12. hmmm, seriously, may narinig ako na nagsabi ng ganito
    Ikaw ang tanging makakasagot sa mga panaginip mo.
    Dahil maaring ang mga panaginip mo ay mga paalala sa mga gusto mong gawin, pero hindi mo pa mabigyang katuparan.
    Unconciously, naiipon ito sa isip mo, at nag ba backtrack sa panaginip mo, kasi nga kailangan mo ulit silang maalala, for the reason na ikaw lang ang makakasagot.

    un lang..

    oi wag ka magalit sa kin, pag kinukulit kita ha..

    natutuwa talaga ko sayo, cute mo kasi. hehehe

  13. Just passed by.
    In my psychology class, our professor told us that snakes refer to the male sex organ and window for the female counterpart.

  14. with the snakes.. if they attacked you in ur dream it means daw na one of ur friends will betray you.. if not, then it means money

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