How to Burn Bridges

Care to solve the following problems? Drop your two cents here.

Problem #1

You’ve had the best five months together. Suddenly, you get distracted. You become busy with other things. You’re still in love with her but time isn’t one of the things you can give her right now. Before you know it, it’s been weeks.

One day, finally, you decide to meet her and talk. She asks if you want to end the relationship. You say, “it’s up to you.” Pissed, she tells you “Aright, it’s over.” And being the prideful person that you are, you don’t wanna look like the one on the losing end, so you say, “Okie. No big deal.” And then you part ways.

The funny thing is, you are still in love with each other. MADLY. But you are both afraid to look like the one aching for it. Since then, you haven’t heard from each other. You’ve never been in love with anyone after her. She’s in a relationship now but she’s still deeply in love with you.

Three years later, you meet again. It’s the day you’ve both been waiting for. You ask her to leave her boyfriend for you. She does.

And because you’ve always loved each other, you are both in euphoria. But as the days pass, you realize that everything isn’t how it used to be and that you’ve been in love with her memory and not with who she is now. And now, you want to end it. How are you gonna tell her?

Problem #2

She’s always been in love with you and it’s no secret. Your family and friends are aware of it. In fact, they have been teasing you, pairing you up with her all the damn time. She’s pretty, kind, and very likable. She’s almost the perfect girlfriend.

But you’ve been having this identity crisis lately. It is starting to dawn on you that you are gay.

But you don’t wanna be gay. You wanna be normal. You don’t wanna disappoint everyone around you. So you decide to fight it with all your might by all means possible. One of them — hooking up with her. And since she’s always loved you, she becomes your girlfriend effortlessly.

However, after one month of denial, self-loathing, and being with her, you finally admit it to yourself and make peace with being gay. How will you tell her it’s over? Will you tell her the truth?

Problem #3

After months of being in a relationship with him, you realize that the feeling is gone. It’s just not how it used to be. There’s no magic anymore. But he’s still in love with you. He’s a great guy. And not much has changed since you fell in love with him.

But for some reason still unknown to you, it just doesn’t work anymore. You want out of the relationship and be free. But you don’t wanna hurt him. He doesn’t deserve that. But you deserve to be happy, too. So you break it off by saying that you still love him but you don’t wanna be in a relationship — with anyone — anymore. Does that lessen the pain? Also, does that make you a bad person?


  1. try to relax. mag unwind ka muna, pag isipan, pagnilayan ang mga gusto mong gawin at mangyari sa buhay mo. Bata ka pa. Pero wag ka gagawa ng desisyon na pagsisihan mo at makakasakit ng kapwa mo.

    and pray..

  2. wala ako masabi sa mga problem mo o wala man lang ako magawa para matulungan ka. Ang alam ko lang gusto kita makasama at makausap.O kung hindi naman, kahit hug na lang kita para maease naman ang nararamdaman mo. hai… Virtual hug na lang. Samahan mo pa ng kissesssssss…….


  3. no. 3..hmmm.. u must pause for a while to think and sum up on what you really feel.. i know it would be hard for both of you..i dont think that would lessen the pain but it will give you time to think..and idont think that does mean you are a bad person..its just how you feel..

  4. well, what you need is to think things through but don’t over analyze everything. give yourself time to think, a space to breathe and unwind. maybe the answer to this problem will come. anyway, problem #2 and #3 hit me bad. way bad.

    relax yoshke and have a good day. do try to smile ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. hrmm.. prob #1 – haha! i can relate :)) although i didnt ask ex to break up with his gf. coz i sorta figured out that i don’t really like him anymore, i just like the ‘thought’ of him. (friends helped me analyze the situation) well, if the guy in #1 is really really certain that he wants to break it off, then he should probably have a good talk with the girl. for all he knows, they girl might also have the same thoughts. ayaw lang din nya ma-hurt si guy. tsaka baka feeling ni girl, kailangan nyang panindigan ang pag-iwan dun sa other guy at pagsama sa kanya. so talk. they better talk. it’s better to get hurt by being honest with each other than be pseudo-happy while living a lie. it’ll just suck the life outta em.

    prob #2 – cannot relate ๐Ÿ˜€ dunno really what to say about that. ๐Ÿ˜€ pero, siguro rin, talk. dapat si lasing, though. haha.

    prob #3 – maybe they can try to think things through by having a break. cool off muna. to see where the relationship means to them. girl can suggest this to the guy. if he’s really a great guy, like she says she is, he’ll understand. but if he gets all psycho on her, then drop the guy like a hot potato. he’s not worth her energies.

    sorry, haba.. =) feeling dr. love. haha =))

  6. Problem #2 is like a love story of Rustom and Carmina. But that Rustom is now dead as she spills it on national television. No Rustom anymore, Bb gandang hari is living the life she’s been wanting to. Got out of her closet and living her life to it’s fullest!

    Maybe, It’s really up to the person how they want to live their life on their own. Nobody can dictate you what you want and whom you want to be with for the rest of your lives.

    May God always be with you for all the best that you can be.

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