So Long, Green 2

It’s still so vivid. One evening in 2007, I sent him a text message, inviting him for a meetup at McDo Philcoa. He said, “Sure. What for? What up?”

I replied, “I dunno. I just missed you.”

A few hours later, I arrived at McDo and I saw him inside waiting for me. I had Chicken McNuggets. He had McChicken, large fries and large coke. He asked me how I was. I said I was great. He asked again why we were doing this. I told him I just wanted to bring back the old days — back when we called our group Bioman. I was Blue 3. He was Green 2.

He laughed. Way before we drifted far apart, we were close friends.

And that night, we stayed there at McDo, just talking about that summer — collecting newspapers and PET bottles from subdivisions, killing time at Vinzon’s Hall, playing games at Sunken Garden, pretending to be Bioman, the music we used to listen to back then, shooting an “Ikaw ang Lahat sa Akin” music video for our film org, and watching “Nasaan Ka Man” with the freshies.

A huge chunk of our time was spent talking about our radio hosting stint at dzUP for Project: Live Sound (Film stuff, Life, and Everything in Between). How they messed up on their first day as DJs. How fun it was. How he would want to do it again.

We even talked about that one time we walked along the Academic Oval while singing M2M’s “The Day You Went Away” out loud.

Yes, it’s so vivid. It was an unforgettable night.

Unforgettable because it was the only night we spent hours alone together. It was the only time I made an effort to revive our lost friendship. It was the last serious conversation we had. The sad fact is, it will never happen again.

So long, my friend. Rest in peace.


  1. Condolence yoshke, I’m sure.. masaya na xa asan man xa ngaun because he had had great memories with you.. šŸ™

  2. Yoshke,

    “And we were letting go of something special
    Something we’ll never have again
    I know, I guess I really really know.”

    To paraphrase Paz Marquez Benitez,

    There is a place in our hearts, where old friends and lovers live again, and where lives on in unchanging freshness, the dear dead loves of vanished youth.


  3. i’m sorry about your friend, yosh. he sounds like a really cool person. we had similarities pa na man, i was green 2 sa grupo namin when we were kids playing bioman. my condolences.

  4. sorry for the loss yoshke, hayz.. alam ko nararamdaman mo ngayon. *hugs* kung san man siya, iā€™m sure masaya siya sa lugar na iyon.

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