Comes with the Territory

Remember this post in which I enumerated the types of people that annoy me the most? Well, let add some more to it.

One of the things I hate the most is neglecting responsibilities. Many times, we find ourselves under a certain obligation. You see not all obligations require written agreement or contracts. Most of the time, different scenarios impose obligations on you. These are responsibilities that are not written, but courtesy dictates that we honor them.

Confused? Well, let me enlighten you with these examples, which I believe many of you have experienced.


Don’t you just hate it when you ride a jeepney and the person seated closest to the driver refuses to get your fare to pass on to the driver? Others would do it but would give you an irritated sneer.

I have a couple of friends who do refuse to touch other people’s coins in the jeepney. They say it’s dirty. As if the coins in their pockets aren’t!

God, if you’re taking the jeepney, it is a given that you are obligated to pass other people’s money to the driver, especially if you’re sitting right behind him. Agree?


This happens to me all the time. I hop into the elevator and the person standing right before the “floor buttons” just stand there like a piece of lazy wood. If it’s crowded in the elevator that people far from the button won’t be able to press their destination button, you are obligated to do it for them.

Or that when a lot of people are coming in or going out and the elevator has no sensor whatsoever, you are sort of required to hold the open or close button. That when somebody is running towards your direction and it’s about to close, you should press the open button to let him in if there’s still enough room.

But as a would-be passenger, you also have obligations. If it’s about to close and you’re trying to make it, make an effort to reach it on time. Say “hold.” Run. Move faster.


It’s a fact: the MRT is effin’ crowded. It’s annoying, yes. But what’s more annoying is when your fellow passengers don’t seem to cooperate. When you’re trying to exit the train and the people near the door won’t move, it just drives me crazy. You squeezed yourself in and positioned yourself near the door, MOVE when people are going out! It wouldn’t hurt to just hop out for a second and hop back in when it’s over.

Care to add some more? 😀


  1. sa jeepneys rin, pag yung tipong dalawa lang kayo, ikaw ang nasa malapit sa driver at nag-aabot ang nasa dulo (malapit sa exit) at parang ikaw pa ang obligadong kumuha ng bayad nya para i-abot sa driver. hindi man lang lumapit. ampf.

  2. About the jeepney, I really agree. Those people shouldn’t be allowed to ride jeepneys. If they don’t want to touch other people’s money then they should take a fucking taxi.

    Next time it happens, shove your money in their faces, it works.

  3. without a doubt I totally agree! grr! especially in the MRT scenario.. I hate it when they do that, as an addition I also hate those people who won’t move in the middle of the train even to give way to other would-be-passengers as if they own the train!

  4. Inside movie houses… a cellphone ring/beep in the middle of the movie is a bit irritating already, what more if the call is answered right inside the movie house with a very loud voice!!! happened last week, their conversation lasted for almost 2 minutes, almost killed her in my mind… so inconsiderate…

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