Pahiyas Festival 2010: Of Veggies, Colors and Cute Guys

Cute guys?!?!

Oh yeah, you read it right. The entire time we were joining the festivities, my friend Andre and I were “birdwatching,” spotting one cute guy after another. Lucban locals are wildly attractive. But of course, I can only look. I’m married so I left all the touching with Andre. Haha.

Anyway, after so much thinking, I finally decided to go on a trip with my officemates to Lucban, Quezon for the annual Pahiyas Festival. And it was a good decision. Despite the awful traffic, we still managed to have the most awesome time together.

The first thing I said to myself upon setting foot on the town was “OMG, I belong.” This festival was so visually stereotypically gay. You know, the rainbow colors, the decorations. I feel like if I die and I get reincarnated into a Philippine Festival, I’m sooo gonna be Pahiyas. I mean, come on, just look at this blog’s color palette. Makulay ang buhay dahil sa mga nakasabit na gulay.

Speaking of gulay, the second thing I said to myself was, “Gosh, what’s gonna happen to these veggies after the festival?” Seriously, I felt hurt for the vegetables, they were like cute boyfriends, you just display them, take pictures of them, parade them and then once the merriment subsides, what now? Please don’t tell me these veggies were headed to the dumpsite. Poor veggies. They sacrificed their lives. Haha, I’m being melodramatic here.

Moving on, like I said, it was my first time to experience Pahiyas and I learned so many things during my gig.

  • I didn’t know that those leaf-shaped decorations were actually edible. Stupid me, I thought they were paper up until I saw someone ate some. I was like, “If I’m gonna have to eat paper, I’m outta here.” Apparently, it’s called “kiping” and according to my friend Wikipedia, it is made of rice paste.
  • Lucban, Quezon reminded me so much of Taal, Batangas, although the latter has more old Spanish houses. Well, Lucban has a more rustic atmosphere than Taal, though.
  • I didn’t know that we were actually going to Lucban. One of my friends announced, “We’re here in Lucban.” I asked, “Why? What’s in Lucban?” Hahaha. All along I was thinking Pahiyas is celebrated in Lucena. Shoot me.

And yeah, cute guys. Had you been with Andre at the Pahiyas Festival, you’d hear a lot of:

“Alam na. Bading yun.”
“Sheeet, he’s so cute.”
“Asan? Asan?”
“Dito na tayo tumira.”

Overall, the experience was amazing. I have never seen a festival as vibrant and as colorful as the Pahiyas Festival. (Although you can always claim, I’ve never seen that many festivals. LOL) But it was really fun exploring the town, gorging on their food, trying out their restaurants, taking pictures of their houses, enjoying a piece of their culture, looking (just looking) at gorgeous men. Can’t wait for next year.

And for what it’s worth, we bumped into Illac Diaz there. That alone was worth the hours we were stuck in traffic.



  1. wow nice! Hope to be there too! I am wondering if this means that you will not drop anything on your super vacation trip?

    • im thinking about dropping the Anawangin trip. Most people who confirmed to go are not replying now anyway. 😐

      Punta ka pahiyas next year! FUN FUN FUN!

      • Yeah I’ll try.. HAHAHA..

        I know the feeling yung sama lang hanggang plano.. huhuhu.. hindi rin natuloy ang sagada trip ko ngayon dahil sa mga friends kong biglang nag backout last minute.. I hate it! lol! hahaha

  2. wow.
    inggit ako.
    inimbitahan kami ng friend ko months ago pero di ako natuloy.
    gusto ko maka-experience and see the BOYS.

  3. hey, i was there, too! we stayed until 8pm..mas maganda pag gabi..parang umiilaw ung mga veggies..:) and you’re right,daming kyut boys.

  4. ive been to pahiyas last saturday. it was a colorful festival and full of fun at daming cute and pretty girls!

  5. Yeah, I agree it was really super fun!!!

    I’m from Quezon too but it was my first time to experience Pahiyas Festival, though I used to pass by Lucban from time to time.

    But don’t worry about the veggies, they’re not going to the dump.. Actually, after the awarding ceremony for the best decorated house at night, the house owners will be giving away those veggies to anyone who asks for. Otherwise, anything left the next day will surely find their way to the house owner’s kitchen for a sumptuous tortang talong, ginataang kalabasa and sitaw, and of course, crispy fried kiping for dessert.

  6. I’m from Lucban and our place is standing infront of the big house that awarded as the Grand Prize winner. You are right… Madami talaga gorgeous people sa bayan namin (except me…hehehe) … That’s why I’m so proud to be Lucbanin.

  7. Went to Pahiyas last year. It was sooo tiring and exciting. Lots of natives. (Natives?! lol) Lots of colors and fooooooood!

    And yeah I ate those kiping too and pansit habhab! Hirap kainin. :))

    I just didn’t like the skimpiness of the place. The roads were too narrow and all.

    I had fun. ^_^

  8. “Seriously, I felt hurt for the vegetables”

    Hey, tumuloy ka pa rin sa Quezon.. Nice! πŸ™‚

    You thouht Pahiyas is celebrated at Lucena? LOL (sowee)

    Hope you wont drop the Bohol trip.. πŸ™‚

    Go go go Yoshke! πŸ™‚

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