Asian Countries According to Their Tourism Logos

And of course, the controversial proposed slogan and logo for Philippine Tourism:

I had nothing to say. But after reading blogger Spanky Enriquez‘s blog post about it, I have something to repost.

This is the logo of the Polish Tourism campaign. They pretty much say what I have to say. But I wonder what Poland has to say about it.

I actually liked ‘Wow Philippines!” I just wish instead of spending so much money and time on the rebranding, why not actually promote it.


  1. ipinakikita lang na taga abs-cbn ang may hawak sa DOT kasi hanggang logo gamit pa din ang programa nila?????? nangopya pa sa logo ng Poland??????…. nakakahiya!!!!!!! maganda pa rin ang …. WOW! PHILIPPINES! may dating…..

  2. Our new logo is great! Pilipinas Kay Ganda is so much different from Polska! Open your eyes!

  3. WOW Philippines is still my choice. Pilipinas Kay Ganda doesn’t sound good enough to attract tourists. And the logo, geez. LET’S BE ORIGINAL NAMAN.

  4. If tHis is for the international market,maybe we should use English so that everybody will understand.Or maybe we shOuld it (slogan) to one word,like the ‘wow’ in ‘WOW PHILIPPINES’,which is universally understand = )

  5. If they want to see the Phils. they better try to know and learn few of Filipino words! People, patronize our own!

  6. WOW(Wealth Of Wonders) Philippines! campaign strategy won awards at ITB and WTM. Warm Over Winter, Wild Over Water, Wacko Over Wildlife, Wander Our Wonders, Walk Our Walls, Wander Over Wrecks, Watch Our Whales, Wear Our Wares, Wonderfully Original Waterways, World Of Weddings, Wild Over Wheels,
    Women OF Wonder, Workers Of Worth….

    Isn’t this WOW? If ain’t broke, don’t fix it… Cost cutting nga dapat ang gobyerno… tsk! Another corruption brought to you by Sec Lim(former head of Makati Business Club… No wonder di na nakausad ang ating business hub with their lame ideas)
    Marami kasi ang di nakakaalam ng WOW Ph… Akala ng nakararami ay basta “wow” lang sya…

  7. Any name will do as long as it helps to promote the beauty of our country. Go lang go bsta kumita.

  8. makes me think of BB. GandangHari. if it aint broke, don’t fix it.. hindi maiintindihan ng mga banyaga yan.

  9. This is quite embarrassing. Philippines has now no identity, they spent P100M for a website that doesn’t look good & still they’ve made a logo from other country’s concepts? We’ve wished they made it to a public logo competition – after all, Pinoys are very creative.

  10. when it comes to beaches and tourist spots, Philippines is the best! and tourists called it paradise!! why wouldn’t we stick to WOW PHILIPPINES?? universally understood! it doesn’t need change! hindi dapat yan ang pinag-iisipang baguhin. ang kailangan lang i-change is the way leaders lead us and the way we follow. if Filipinos have discipline (hindi ko nilalahat), maraming maaatract na tourists and foreign investors! at ang discipline na yan hindi lang dapat iasa sa mga nakaupo. it must start from home.

  11. DOT needs fresh talents to promote the Country…please stop copying..i agree with Princess, a LOGO competition will do…

  12. Use bold, vivid color designs and not thinly drawn colored sketches! must be eye-catching…pleasant to the eyes…uses words that retain in our minds! SPLASH PHILIPPINES! (suggests swimming already) …YAHOO PHILIPPINES! (implies excitement to go to the Phils.)

  13. it really does look similar..I guess it could have been better if DOT did a Logo and Slogan contest for everybody who are interested to join.. Then from there, they will choose the best and the winner..

  14. honestly, the old logo represents Pinoys better. Just one look, and instantly the old logo is uniquely Pinoy. This new one, aside from it looks very much like a “copy cat” from Poland’s , it doesn’t have that instant ” association” with Philippine arts style. Sadly the slogan is not nice either. Foreigners will only understand the word ” Pilipinas” since it sounds very much “Philippines” but they not everyone will make the effort to Google down what ” kay ganda” means.
    bottom line, a 1 to 2 words, attention catching slogan would be best.

  15. should be Lots of Leisure – Philippines in short,
    parang WOW PHILIPPINES ni Gordon…

  16. “WOW Philippines” is definitely better. Even foreigners can easily understand the expression ” WOW” .. isn’t it? no need to change what is working best. What needs to be changed and improved is the country’s security and safety record to foreigner. Being a safe destination will definitely bring in more tourist.

  17. i think di nila pinag isipan yan.. di nila nakita na may resemblance ang logo ng poland..mag isip nalang ng iba..pwedi ba gaya gaya puto maya nanaman tayo nyan..kung gusto talaga sec ng tourism palitan nalang ng mukha nya ang logo diba para kasing pinagmamalaki talaga nya.

  18. why not hold a contest?there are so many artists who can contribute their modern ideas.foreigners can't understand it at first glance.sino ba iniimbita natin,pinoy pa rin.



  19. I think WOW Philippines sounds better. When you are trying to attract tourists from other countries, the slogan should be something that can be easily understood by them.
    Somebody in the Department of Tourism did not do his homework so well. :((

  20. Pilipinas kay ganda is more Filipino, more confident, more attractive,more fascinating, more inviting than all previous slogans. although it is less original. precisely, there is a need to change, for improvement. And we need a lot of it. But the truth is, the foul criticism is very unFilipino. Same old story. Every act of the new administration, no matter how well intentioned will be criticized harshly, and the actor will be insulted. Our slogan will be judged by foreigners or tourists, not by politicians, the best slogan surely is not WOW Phil.., it was used, and it failed to attract more tourists. Undoubtedly, there is a need for the best slogan, that would attract more tourists, but there is definitely no need for Filipinos insulting their tourism leaders. For, how can you sell a product, when you yourself, is destroying it. No to insults from our own. Criticize, if you must, but do it “intelligently” and “undrunk.”

    • Know your facts Ray L. Saint Jasper , hindi pa ba enough na nakikita mong foreigners na nasa beaches naten? You absolutely don’t know anything about it, nakapunta ka na ng Boracay, Camarines Sur (Ilang Survivor Series na ang ginawa sa Cam Sur ant ang Famous CWC Wakeboarding)

      Eto statistics para sa yo

      Tourism Statistics
      Year – Foreign Tourists
      1999 – 762.704
      2000 – 869.665
      2001 – 1.495.339
      2002 – 2.106.468
      2003 – 1.067.219
      2004 – 1.285.623
      2005 – 1.413.883
      2006 – 1.993.364
      2007 – 2.911.254
      2008 – 2.944.135

      * Excluding Filipinos from Abroad –

      research and magbasa ka ng mga FACTS

  21. bakit kailangan pa baguhin? WOW PHILIPPINES is the best slogan para sa tourism..hindi na kailangan palitan pa, its just a waste of money..para ba may pagkakakitaan na naman ang mga bagong nakaupo???

  22. @ray, local n international tourist ang target natin. Walang dating yan “Pilipinas kay ganda”, sounds like tv show than tourism slogan.

  23. thanks sa likes.. it’s true naman.. wag tayong magtaka if tourists prefer to choose other country over Philippines. kahit mas maganda ang tourist spots dito sa atin, if hindi naman tayo disciplined, wala rin! matatakot silang pumunta dito and mas lalong mag aalangan silang mag invest

  24. OMG! too bad D.O.T… your new tourism slogan sucks and the logo is a copycat from Poland’s tourism campaign.. tsk tsk… please revert it to Wow Philippines! and do your job!!!!!!

  25. re-posting here:

    for more than a decades na, some photography enthusiasts and pro photogs have been sharing on various forums (local and international) numerous pictures of beautiful sites in our country. we found out our voluntarism was getting positive re…sults from oyr kababayans based abroad and their friends.

    we can just imagine our foreign friends drool over our white sand beaches while a lot of them are compelled to stay home or office due to severe cold weather.

    slogans and logos ? these were not our forte as we are more on keeping our photos as faithful as possible and less of graphic designs.

    we wish that DOT and Malacanang will take cue on these very small but oftentimes effective route.

    as a nation, we should also strive to keep our country safe, clean and beautiful so as to up tourism in our country.

    “Beautiful Philippines, asia’s sunshine tropical paradise”

    maraming salamat po.

  26. I still prefer “Wow, Philippines” making use of English – the universal language which is easily understood by people around the globe considering the purpose of which (slogan) is to promote tourism in the Philippines. So why change it to “Pilipinas Kay Ganda” logo which design and font also is almost the same as Poland’s “Polka” if not for the words used in it! Let’s be more original, try using other English words such as
    “Philippines, Beautiful Paradise”, “Philippines, the Heart of Asia” , etc.

  27. i NEVER miss to visit your very inspiring page and thread here as i am one very proud Pilipino. we share the same advocacy.

    i will continuously share posts here to our friends all over the world.

    many thanks po to and to our brothers and sister who kept sharing awesome pictures of Beautiful Philippines. btw, the package tour posted here are very informative and are being appreciated by me and our friends.

    sana po ma-appreciate po ng atin Dept. of Tourism.

    Mabuhay ang Maganda at Mabuting Pilipinas !!!

  28. Talaga bang ganito lang tayo palagi? Kapag iba ng nakaupo ay iibahin na ang logo o hindi na tatapusin ang naumpisahan mga projects? WALANG DATING IYAN. Parang sinabi mo na rin na pangit nuon ang Pilipinas. WOW PHILIPPINES meron… kahit i-try mong banggitin ng inaantok ka pa.

  29. They’d better not change it! WOW PHILIPPINES is more pleasing to the ears…just the sound of it, it makes u think a lot and u’ll be eager to find out what makes it “WOW!”

  30. i’m not in favor of the new sec. for tourism… his obvious excuses are so lame… maraming artists dito sa pinas na magaling gumawa ng logo and who can conceptualize better advertising method than wha he is using now… no matter how he explains it, magkamukha yung logo ng pinas sa poland tsk super fail!!!


  32. Thats plain & simple plagiarism. Did someone at DOT made a lot of moola on this deal. We’re attracting/luring foreigners not locals. First time I saw ” Wow Philippines ” in 2004 I was impressed. They show scenic spots in the islands and ” Wow Philippines ” splashed across the scene & it really grabs ya. I was saying WOW I love my beautiful Philippines & decided to stay here for keeps. Stick with the old Wow!

  33. bakit naman kasi sa twing magbabago ng administrasyon e kailangang may baguhin pa ok na sana yung wow philippines, tulad ng sinabi ni anthony taverna ng umagang kay ganda,maraming hindi nakakakilala sa “philippines” so tatagulugin pa “pilipinas” e di mas lalo na

  34. isa pang isyu ay yung website na kaakibat ng campaign na ito: magkamali lang ng isang letter, and it will bring you to a porn site with beautiful filipinas as commodity. beautiful pilipinas nga. tsk tsk tsk. 🙁

  35. Saan ba yung POLSKA? Parang iyoing Poland ang napromote eh, ano ba meron doon?
    I still prefer WOW Philippines….But for other programs also with DOT, suggest ko iyong “Destination Philippines” ( for adventure, sports, etc), “Spotlight Philippines” (for cultural events etc), and “Philippine Itinerary” ( for business, conference etc..) for the various projects and programs under DOT and other depts.

  36. I would want to stick with WOW Philippinnes, as this one lacks appeal and it does not really say so much about what the country is all about, Ireally cant accept this logo and slogan please.

  37. marami sa mga pilipino ang gustong pag-usapan ang mga WALANG KA-KWENTA-KWENTANG BAGAY…. as if this design shall affect the tourism industry… wag nga kayong OVER acting sa OVER exposure na binibigay nyo sa isang bagay na OVER nonsense naman kung talagang tutuusin nyo….kaya hndi tayo umuunlad eh… marami tayong sinasayang na oras at atensyon sa mga walang kwentang bagay, o kung may kwenta man, eh ano, kayo lang naman ang nagsasabing may kwenta… at kayo lang naman ang magsasabing may epekto… as if!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1…

    actually, sayang nga rin itong oras ng pag post ko dito, well anyways….

    • It’s not non-sense. It’s deeper than that. The tourism logo and slogan sum up how you present your country. The Philippines is a little behind compared to its neighbors in terms of tourism considering that we have more attractions and more interesting destinations.

      It’s not just the logo. It also tells you so much about how we do things in this country; it tells you how creative or not its people are; it says something about the integrity of this government. If your Tourism logo is plagiarized, it clearly says something about the country. That’s what we want to avoid. It could look like this to many: A country lazy enough to tolerate plagiarism is not a country I would want to visit. If they screw up promoting their own country, imagine how screwed up the security policies can be. Just saying.

  38. sayang ang 1 million pesos na ginastos para sa isang logo na hindi gaanong impressive…yeah, tama, why not hold a contest, magagaling ang mga Pilipino, mas marami pa sigurong ideas ang lalabas at mapapakinabangan…

  39. bkit ganyan ugali ng mga bagong upo sa pwesto?maganda na ppalitan pa?gaya ng island sa roxas blvd.dati ang tibay at ang ganda ng flowers lalo na pg may,tapos anong ipnalit?madaling msira na semento,halaman kalbo.juice ko day!if i know me kumita n nman.

  40. What was wrong with WOW Philippines anyway? This new campaign does not reflect a brand that will standout from the rest – especially from our SEA neighbors. Many in the far west countries don’t even know where the Philppines is. How then can we even expect the world to choose us over our comparable neighbors – out of “curiosity and interest” in this very local logo? I’m sad to say but the slogan and the logo both show little creativity and are void of strategy. We can do better. I hope we see better.

  41. i have a suggestions, the one i put it on my homepage at face book, (create group) Philippines @its best…go, go, go, or Philippines home sweet home, then create a logo like beaches in boracay, which is very well-known. this only my suggestions, and i am calling the attention of Sec.of Tourism, please create and widen your vision so that we can have so many tourists who will visit our country. God bless us all and our country Philippines.

  42. to solve the issue bout this logo/ slogan thingy… Hold a contest na lang… dami namang local artist satin…

  43. Ang Pilipinas ay hindi kay Ganda.
    Ito ay kay Pepe at Pilar, at sa lahat ng mga Pilipino!
    Ala eh, sino baga yang si Gandang yan?
    What about “HIRIT PILIPINAS!”…
    with the image of Arn-arn?. Hehe….

  44. Ano ba yan lahat na lang ng bagay ay pinagtatalunan. Bakit d na lang tayo maki ayon sa mga nasa puwesto. Trabaho nila ang mag isip para sa ika bubuti nga ating bayan. Bakit d muna tayo umayon sa kanila. Pag katapos pg sila ay pumalpak saka nalang natin sila sisihin. Dito sa ating bansa marami ang mga tao na magaling mag salita pero sila na ang nasa puwestp ay wala naman magawa mabuti. Dapat minsan kailagan matuto tayo mag sustain ng mga leader natin lalo na kung siya bago palang sa kanya trabaho. Kaya tayo ay hindi umasenso ay lagi na tayo negatibo sa ano mang bagay.

  45. There is nothing wrong with WOW Philippines, I hope that this government will not reinvent the will of the past administration, however it may be moot and academic since “the Pilipinas Kay Ganda” was recalled already by the President. I think instead of changing the logo and the slogan which we already built on the past few years, promotion of tourism shall be given priority, if you could only travel Philippines, every city has something to say its just a matter of discovering it, and its sad that its the foreigners who first discovers it!

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