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Asian Countries According to Their Tourism Logos

And of course, the controversial proposed slogan and logo for Philippine Tourism: I had nothing to say. But after reading blogger Spanky Enriquez‘s blog post about it, I have something to repost. This is the logo of the Polish Tourism campaign. They pretty much say what I have to say. But I wonder what Poland has to say about it. I actually liked ‘Wow Philippines!” I just wish instead of spending so much money and time on the rebranding, why not actually promote it.

Pahiyas Festival 2010: Of Veggies, Colors and Cute Guys

Cute guys?!?! Oh yeah, you read it right. The entire time we were joining the festivities, my friend Andre and I were “birdwatching,” spotting one cute guy after another. Lucban locals are wildly attractive. But of course, I can only look. I’m married so I left all the touching with Andre. Haha. Anyway, after so much thinking, I finally decided to go on a trip with my officemates to Lucban, Quezon for the annual Pahiyas Festival. And it was a good decision. Despite the awful traffic, we still managed to have the most awesome time together. The first thing I…