Test Mistakes, Angry Birds and the Promil Kids

It’s 2011! A lot of things have changed. But I know of one thing that has not changed a bit — the annoyingly cute antics of my niece and nephew. My nephew is now 7 years old and my niece 4. I was fortunate to have spent the better half of my holidays with them.

The Good Cola

My niece Natalya came home with her test results. She’s currently the second top student despite being the youngest in class. My brother, her dad, was disappointed to see that she made a mistake in one of her exams. What bothered him most was that the item to which she gave the wrong answer was quite easy. The direction asked them to encircle food items that were good for them.

Natalya encircled the bottle of cola. Her father confronted her.

Brother: Bakit mo binilugan yung coke?!
Niece: Eh hindi naman bad saken yung coke di ba?
Brother: Bad nga! Bad yun! It’s not good for you.

Startled, my brother answered, “Pag madami, bad!”

Go Tell Him!

My nephew is a gamer. Aside from watching cartoons, he spends most of his time playing PSP. Every weekend, he’d borrow my extra iPod Touch to play games. My niece is a jealous girl. So she’s always trying to borrow the PSP from him.

One time, Nephew was playing while Niece was watching his game. But Nephew slowly grew irritated and uncomfortable with her dangling on his background.

Nephew: You know what, you want your own PSP, right?
Niece: Yes.
Nephew: Tell your daddy to go abroad so you could have one.

I dunno where Nephew got that idea from coz none in our family works abroad. That night, Niece approached her unsuspecting father and said, “Daddy, hindi ka ba mag-aabroad?”

And the dad looked at me and was like, “What the….” Effing dads always think it’s the crazy uncle who teach their children crazy things.

Where’s the iPod Touch?

I had an iPod Touch for the longest time. Whenever I go to Batangas to visit my family, my Nephew would always borrow it and play Angry Birds all day long.

But last August, I bought an iPhone as a treat to myself. I never let my Nephew use my iPhone; told him it didn’t have games. But the moment I had the iPhone in my hands, I didn’t know what to do with my iPod Touch. I decided to sell it.

In my recent trip to Batangas, Nephew asked me where the iPod Touch was ‘coz he wanted to play Angry Birds.

Yoshke: Well, I sold it.
Nephew: Huh? Why?!?!?!?! WHY?!?!?!
Yoshke: I don’t use it anyway.
Nephew: But I use it! Can’t you think of something other than yourself??!!?

He started crying. The Angry Boy ended up playing Angry Birds with my iPhone.


  1. “Can’t you think of something other than yourself??!!?” Your nephew always nails it. Such smart and adorable kids.

  2. ROFL.. panalo talaga mga pamangkin mo! hahah dapat binigay mo na sa knila ang ipod touch as royalties sa pagkapanalo ni tito sa philippine blog awards.

  3. hi yoshke!

    I really had a great time reading your blog. Hope you could have another new entry πŸ™‚ count me in as one of your followers na, hehe.

    halabyu na ur pamangkins, very adorable..

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