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Test Mistakes, Angry Birds and the Promil Kids

It’s 2011! A lot of things have changed. But I know of one thing that has not changed a bit — the annoyingly cute antics of my niece and nephew. My nephew is now 7 years old and my niece 4. I was fortunate to have spent the better half of my holidays with them.

The Promil Kids Hit Hong Kong!

My mother doesn’t travel. The farthest my mother had reached was Lucena City in Quezon. She had never boarded a plane or a ship. We used to be extremely poor. We literally experienced “magdildil ng asin.” I remember eating just rice and cooking oil with a little bit of soy sauce for our full meal.…

The Other Promil Kids

I have been receiving a lot of emails about the Promil Kid from my readers. If only my nephew could blog, I think he would create his own (which is just right since he has been outshining me here on MY OWN blog, LOL). Or, when he reaches the right age, he’ll ask for his share of whatever I earn from this blog (which he will never get). Anyway, whenever my friends and I meet, they always ask how my nephew is doing or whether there will be any Promil Kid posts anytime soon. See, he’s stealing my friends, too!…