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The Promil Kid’s Love-Hate Affair with iPod

One of the things my nephew, the Promil Kid, loved about me was that I had an iPod Touch. At the time, I would always let him play with it since I have an iPhone and we would only meet every month anyway so I figured, “What the hell? Here, play, go.” In fact, he spent more time with the iPod than me. Or even when we were together, he was still playing Angry Birds or Tap Tap Ants or Drop Chicken or whatever new game I had. So it wasn’t a surprise that whenever I would come home (every…

Test Mistakes, Angry Birds and the Promil Kids

It’s 2011! A lot of things have changed. But I know of one thing that has not changed a bit — the annoyingly cute antics of my niece and nephew. My nephew is now 7 years old and my niece 4. I was fortunate to have spent the better half of my holidays with them.