A Break-up Letter

I never expected I’d be writing you this letter. We’ve had six years of wonderful memories but I’m afraid it had come to the point where you started to break my heart. I should’ve seen it coming since I’ve been finding it hard to breathe lately. It’s time to end the pain that I’m feeling and I just have to say goodbye.

I’ve known you since I was a kid but it was only before my college graduation that we had a real relationship. At first, it was difficult for me to get along with you considering the nasty things some people say about you. They said you would hurt me, and you did. They said, if I continued spending time with you, it would be so hard to let go. It was.

True, you are all the bad things they were saying. Still, I accepted you. I let you get to me deep within. You’re smokin’ hot. I loved the feeling of your body in my mouth. I loved it when my lips touched your butt. You taste like euphoria. You reek of obsession.

You’ve been a great companion. I loved the times we spent together, especially when it’s cold and rainy. I remember the many times you helped me come up with wise decisions and great concepts for my screenplays and for my work. In fact, I think and work better when you’re with me.

But we’ve had our ups and downs. Sure I enjoyed being with you most of the time. But remember the last time when I had to consult a doctor because my throat ached like hell? It was because of you.

Besides, you’re not always around. Often, when I couldn’t find you, I’d get the same satisfaction from others. Your brother Philip was not as good but I used to do him when I was in the province. Your cousin Winston was a great diversion, too.

But of all of them, it was your best friend Dunhill that kept me coming back. He’s just way, way cooler than you now.

Anyway, you have been very rough on me for the past few days. You make me sick. That’s why I have to forget you. Now, every time my heart beats, there’s a little bit of pain. Every breath hurts, too. It’s like there’s a hole in my chest. And I blame you for this.

We’ve had six wonderful years together. It’s time I call it quits.

I will get over you, Marlboro.

No regrets,

P.S. I originally posted this on 4 December 2009. But then we reconciled after publishing it. We’ve had a love-hate, on-off relationship since then. But last month, it was FINAL. I have closed my doors permanently. It’s been a month and I don’t miss him. Just last August, I was awfully ill and was diagnosed with a respiratory infection. It tortured me for three weeks. I’m fine now but I don’t want to go through it again. I’m hoping I won’t have to repost this ever again.


  1. Kinabahan ako sa title. haha

    Nice one. Ingat kayo lagi ni shy guy. haha

    Wonderful christmas gift para sa sarili. Parang Star Cinema movie lang. I Love You Goodbye…hehehe

  2. haha! you got me there! (slow me).. hope I can share esp to those wanting to but can’t let go yet.. 🙂

  3. you know what?I can’t remember the time i got to liked your site and the first time I liked your post.Anu nga bang meron to at laging nakacatch ang attention ko..You’re good!! keep it up!,,Hope you made it..yeah,QUIT!! it would not make you better but worst..(in your health)..hmm..

  4. Haha.cool! Body Smokin’ hot ha!hehe.nice one! Really,every now & then im checkin’ ur site if u have a new one! Love reading them! Keep ’em coming more plss…hehe. :)) <3

  5. Nakakainizzzzzzzz!!!! Hahahaha! Nagsimula akong magtaka sa 3rd paragraph eh.

    That’s good that you finally decided to quit smoking! You’ll notice the changes agad during the first months. =)

  6. I thought I thought, well I only thought!!! 🙂 It’s good to hear you’re better now! I so miss your blog! 🙂

  7. Congrats Yoshke!!!! Such a tough feat to let go of smoking… my friend still cannot let go of his just yet..
    But anyways… hope your health will get better…
    I enjoyed the letter and here I thought at first glance… it was for a past lover aka ex boyfriend. Haha..

  8. Congratulations! Even after Mr. Marlboro (Mr. Pall Mall, actually) did away with my father at age 54 (when I was 15), I was unwise enough to smoke for 3 years… and was up to 5 packs a day by the end. Smoke-free now for 38 years.

  9. Blahaha! Nice one. Nakuha mo ako dun sa una at pangalawang paragraph.. I murmured OH-EM when I read the third pharagraph. And I just laughed when I saw the “Marlboro”. Haha. Nice One! Thumbs Up.

  10. Word of caution: you mentioned you had an awfull respiratory disease, pls get yourself checked with HIV/AIDS. It oftens starts with resp disease and later come out to be AIDS.

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