I Prefer It Free, Sorry

The other week, my self-esteem was crushed by a small piece of paper.

I was fixing my bag outside a convenience store in Tagaytay City when somebody gave me a piece of paper with a short note on it. Without looking at the stranger and the paper, I pocketed the note and expected the guy to leave me alone. Unfortunately for me, he was there for business.

“Massage, sir? I can massage you, sir, while you’re here in Tagaytay,” the stranger said.

“No, thanks,” I declined. “I’m on my way back to Manila.” I was still busy trying to put all the pasalubongs into my backpack.

“I also do business in Manila, sir,” the stranger insisted.

“No, thanks. I’m busy.”

“Where in Manila do you live?”

I refused to say anything more.

“I’m Romeo. How about you?”

Silence is my middle name.

“Can I get your number? 0917…”

Silence. Still trying to pack up.

“Sir, 0917… what’s your number?”

“My number is none of your business,” I was getting irritated.

“I was just hoping you could hire me,” he added. “I also do extra service, sir. Sex service.”

I pretended not to hear anything but he was so persistent. He won’t go away. He kept on inviting me to try his “service.” Ugh. I walked away and waited for the bus elsewhere.

I couldn’t sleep on the bus on the way back to Manila. A few thoughts kept running in my head.

  1. He’s not even goodlooking.
  2. Heck, I’m not goodlooking, either, but I am certainly less ugly than him.
  3. Seriously?

I was not even in a sleazy place! Offering sex to random strangers? At a convenience store at a bus stop? In Tagaytay? In broad daylight?

The thoughts vanished as soon as I got home and my partner opened the door. My hubby is goodlooking. And I don’t even need to pay him for sex.

Self-esteem recovered.


  1. ah ive read it… love the promil kids.. my niece is also one of the promil kids.. and i love and hate her at the same time..

  2. “I am certainly less ugly than him.” PAAAAAAAK! You should’ve said something like, “Koya excuse me but if ever may bayarang mangyayari dito ikaw dapat ang magbayad.”

  3. Creepy man pero you should be flattered na may lumapit sa iyong ganyan hehehe…

    I also want it free though at dun sa kilala ko at professional :p

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