The Boracay Charm

The island club had closed for the night and I hit the beach with reckless abandon. As I lay on the beach, I did not care one bit about the sand that had completely covered the back of my shirt and my arms. There I was, dragging my drunken butt as my new friends watched me almost make a fool of myself. I, however, was just drunk, not wasted. I could still feel just how fine the sand was and appreciate just how starry the night was. Boracay had been a surprise, a pleasant one.

What a difference a trip makes. Before the trip, I was one to always dismiss the idea of flying to Boracay. I was more of a secluded cove kind of guy. I had always pushed away any chance of experiencing Boracay in favor of the hidden beaches of El Nido and the isolated lakes of Coron. To me, Boracay was overrated. If I wanted to party, I’d hit a club in the city and not fly to a far away island. That was then.

I received an invitation from Tattoo to attend the launch of their new website in Boracay. It was an all expense-paid trip. Boracay hotel booking was arranged by Tattoo. Who was I to refuse a big, fat, juicy offer like that? Soon, I found myself packing for my very first trip to what many consider Asia’s top beach destination.

Breathtaking Boracay Sunset

Together with other bloggers from different fields, I immediately checked out what the buzz is about after a sumptuous lunch. The first thing I noticed was how wide the sandy beach was. As my toes dipped in the fine sand, I knew I had never felt anything like it. Yes, Boracay should boast its fine sand and crystal clear, turquoise waters. That was enough to win me over. The island’s true charm, however, takes form as soon as the sun kisses the horizon. When the artificial lights start to get a life of its own, Boracay shows just what makes it special.

It was my first time to meet most of the bloggers I was with. For someone who had always been outside of many blogging circles, I was intimidated at first. But they would prove to be extremely friendly and fun. It wasn’t long until we started exchanging funny stories and strong ideas. We swam, sunbathe, and explored the island together. We dined together. We laughed and laughed together. We had gotten close within such a short period of time.

Ah, Boracay!

Globe’s Social Media Manager Coy Caballes and Digital Marketing Manager Winston Almendras

My roomie Doyzkie of and bekigirl Mica of at Jonah’s Fruit Shakes

Castaway and celebrity blogger Chuckie Dreyfus showing off his Tattoo wrist band at the #LiveTattoo Lounge

Pretty overload. Raleene of and Megann of Style Surgery

All the lovely ladies!

There’s me with the boys of #LiveTattoo!

Cheyser, Raleene, and Melai! 😀

Blonde babe! Kring of and My Korean Boyfriend

Exchanging numbers! Doyzkie and Megann!


Lifestyle and fashion bloggers and I

But nothing beats bonding when you have a drink in your hand and you let go of your inhibitions. We danced. We drank. And danced again until all the alcohol sank in. It was not the embarrassing kind of intoxication. There was no puking, no breaking anything, no unnecessary drama. Just pure, unadulterated fun.

As I looked at the starry night sky while a half-inch of my body soaked in the soft blanket of glowing dirt, it suddenly dawned on me what makes Boracay the addictive destination that it is. It is not the size of the grains of sand or that hypnotic sound the waves make when they slap the shore. It is not nature per se. It is the relationships that the island nourishes as families, friends, and lovers choose to strengthen them by the bay or at a nearby restaurant or at the dance floor. The music in the background and the laughter from the big crowds have become part of the island’s character. The charm of Boracay is that it has something for everyone within a few yards from nature’s liquid whisper.

Tiny beauty.

I still prefer the quiet, sedating beauty of a secluded cove and connect with nature. It wouldn’t hurt, however, to join the crowd and connect with others — whether they are old loved ones or new friends — and get lost in a paradise where the beach itself comes to life.


  1. I miss Boracay already. Right, more than the nice beach, the powdery white sand and the fun night life, Boracay is alluring because it’s capable of building and nurturing relationships. 🙂

  2. When I first red your blog entry (super long time ago) “Do they read blogs in heaven,” I found it inspirational but I didn’t bother to follow your blog.

    It was one of those phases when I’m so much into fashion blogs because I want to develop my own personal style so I can blog effective outfit ideas for girls like me.

    After quite a while, I found fashion blogging getting more and more shallow. I got shallow. It’s about what clothes to wear, what products to buy, what brands to check until I realize that the “soul” part of “style and soul” is gone.

    I’m glad I met all of you (lalo ka na!) guys, just in time when I was starting to go back to the core of why I am blogging. To express my love for fashion but most importantly write with sense.

    I kept on reading you older entries and thought to myself I wished I followed you the first time I discovered you. You write with depth, really. I was comparing our Boracay entries and gahd I’m inspired by the way you write. Sana ako rin ganyan magsulat. 🙂

    You have a gift. Continue using it. I’m another “soul” inspired and hooked. I hope Boracay isn’t the end of us! 🙂 Mwuah! Miss you bf!

    Melai of Style and Soul

  3. Erratum:

    1) First paragraph: *read

    2) Fith paragraph: *your* older entries

    PS: I’m following you now for sure. Got your blog on my dashboard. 🙂

  4. hi, i just went to Boracay a week ago. It was my first time, too! I now understand why it’s ranked among the world’s best. I’m definitely going to try to visit again. Nice post, btw and I loved the sunset there, too. : )

    • Yes, I just fell in love with Boracay sunset instantly. It was dusk when we hit the beach for the first time on this trip and I was easily blown away. So breathtaking!

  5. Hi Yoshke! I’m an avid fan of your blog. I just couldn’t help but make a comment on your boracay post. I totally agree with what you said about what makes the boracay experience a truly special one – the relationshps, the bonding, etc. However, I noticed the beach still has that green murky waters as shown in the picture that has the caption “Ah boracay”. From what I’ve heard and read, the Boracay beach is infested with E-coli bacteria, and that swimming in Boracay means swimming in water infested with poop from past visitors. I hope that Globe will also be able to contribute to the development of the beach. It is a shame that the government is not able to do something about this given that Boracay is our #1 tourist destination. That’s all.

    • Yes, the water near the beach was green because of algae. When we were there, we saw the news about E-coli on ANC and it’s depressing. I actually didn’t swim at all (except in the hotel’s pool). I agree that something has to be done. Will write more about this on our travel blog. 🙂

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