A Bangkok Welcome

BANGKOK, Thailand — In utter disbelief, I stared at the receipt while I walked the length of the airport to the train station. I just arrived in Bangkok and the first thing I did after making it through the Immigration was exchange currencies. It was another obvious lesson for me: Convert only a little at the airport. A couple thousand pesos got lost in the conversion as I glanced at the signs that point to the train station, hoping that I myself won’t get lost. Welcome to Bangkok!

Lost in conversion.

I was still upset when I boarded the train. The whole time I was crying over spilt milk. It was not a very good way to start this month-long trip. I started thinking about how many meals I could’ve had with the money lost or how many hotel nights it could have covered. I didn’t even realize that I dropped and lost my fedora hat, which I brought with me whenever traveling. Not a good day.

I was on the verge of negativity when I decided to hold my head high and look around me. I saw a guy in a long-sleeved polo, pressed pants, and a tie. Hmmm, he was very goodlooking. Then seated opposite me was another attractive guy in a shirt, talking to a female friend. At the far corner of the car stood a man so fashionable he could get a career in the Philippines as a model and make millions from it. And next to him was another handsome man. And another across him. And another. And that one, too.

Now, that’s the welcome I’m talking about, Bangkok! LOL.

And just like that, I forgot all about the money. I think I’m gonna have a great time sightseeing here.

Bring it on, Bangkok!


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