Macau Cake Walk

MACAU — The only instances where I took any mode of transportation around Macau were the taxi ride from the airport to the Macau hotel and the bus ride from the hotel back to the airport. I simply walked the whole time no matter how far my next destination was. Haha. I just love walking — especially if, along the way, there is just so much to see. And eat.

Cake shops abound in the streets of Macau. If in every corner of Metro Manila we see convenience stores or Starbucks branches, in Macau pâtisseries take their place. One nasty habit that I developed while I was in Macau was entering a random cake store and standing behind the glass display of gorgeous-looking cakes. When the staff asked me what I wanted, I would just express my admiration. Of the cakes, not the staff.

“You have beautiful cakes!” I would say. Some would smile. Some would give me a weirded-out look. And then I’d add, “Can I take photos?”

If the staff gave me a go signal, I would order a cake and take photos while they were preparing it. If they won’t let me, I would try my best to show an expression closest to that of a sad child’s, thank them, and walk away. Haha. In a nutshell, I would buy if I could take photos.

Anyway, here are some of photos of the cakes that were so pretty, I would not have the heart to see a knife plunge into them.

A whole lot of cakes!

Chocolate Cake with Fruit Toppings

Chestnut Cake

View more after the jump!

Assorted cake slices!

Cherry Cheesecake

Mango Cake

More fruit toppings!

Strawberry cake slices

Blueberry Cheesecake

More cake slices with strawberries

This one is my absolute favorite!!!

Wuuuuu Panda Chocolate Cake!



  1. I haven’t seen so many cakes here with fresh fruit toppings. I’ll go to Macau on October, and plan to sink my teeth into one of these!

  2. woooowwww! tumutulo na ang laway ko…mka bili nga kahit isang slice ng cake sa bakeshop here in Iligan City =)

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