Pinoy Travel Bloggers Slumber Party: 5 Things that Made it a Blast

PASIG CITY, Philippines — It’s not every day that I get to see people in the same line of work as I am (if work is what you call what we do). When I’m on a self-imposed travel hiatus (like in the past weeks), I am usually either (1) stressing myself over the number of posts I still have to write, or (2) visiting family in the province to let them know that I am still their son, breathing and all.

The only time I go out of the house is when I’m off to the airport or bus station. I am not one to attend events frequently because I have always been very shy in social situations, but as some of my friends know, it can easily be solved by alcohol.

Thankfully, someone brought some.

1. Lotsa Booze

Thanks to Fly Ace Corporation for the Frontera wines from Chile. Photo by Melo Villareal

Thanks to Fly Ace Corporation for the Frontera wines from Chile. Photo by Melo Villareal

I don’t remember a time that night when I didn’t have a glass of wine or a bottle of beer in hand. Big mistake.

I’m a completely different gay guy when intoxicated. Just ask Gay.

In the middle of the night, I had to go down and buy more because someone is an alcoholic.


2. The Venue

The Linden Suites graciously hosted the party. The event happened in a two-bedroom suite, but we were all given a room where we would spend the rest of the night. The one-bedroom suite assigned to me was soooo spacious, especially that I did not share it with anyone.

But even if I were with an entire barkada, it would still leave us with more than enough breathing room. It is just one of the 168 well-appointed and functional suites and rooms that Linden houses. Guests could also enjoy an indoor swimming pool, an outdoor dipping pool,  a spa, and a gym. There’s also a restaurant, where we had free breakfast and sampled mostly Filipino and western dishes. More about Linden Suites here.

Linden Suites Manila

My room.

The Linden Suites – Ortigas
Address: 37 San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas Center, Ortigas-Pasig, Manila, Philippines
Contact No.: +63 2 638 7878


3. Filipino Food

Everyone came bearing a dish.

The real star of the night (next to Brenna): Cebu's Original Lechon Belly. Call (02) 984-8723 for orders.

The real star of the night (next to Brenna): Cebu’s Original Lechon Belly. Call (02) 984-8723 for orders.

The idea was simple. Travel bloggers who were in Manila at the time gathered for a pajama party, and each was to bring a Filipino dish. Darwin and I brought spaghetti. It had hotdogs, it counts. And pichie-pichie. There were lechon belly, pancit malabon, lumpia, and more.


4. New Faces

It was my first time to meet many of those who attended, and it’s always great to make new friends. Everyone was warm and totally friendly. I wish I was able to chat longer with all of them, but I was told not to talk when my mouth was full. The lechon belly was really something. LOL.

Pinoy Travel Bloggers!

Pinoy Travel Bloggers! Photo by Melo Villareal. Or Gay Mitra-Emami. Who dafuq took this photo? Hahaha

With Kate and Sabrina. Thanks, Sab, for the pic!

With Kate and Sabrina. Thanks, Sab, for the pic!

Two other bloggers from other parts of the world — Kate of Adventurous Kate and Sabrina of Just One Way Ticket — were coming over, and everyone agreed to give them a taste of the typical Pinoy get-together. And you know what that means: lots of food, lots of conversations, and lots and lots of singing.


5. Karaoke

Someone brought Magic Sing. Again, big mistake. Haha.


Contemporary hits and old favorites filled the air and served as lively background to the equally spirited conversations. Some Alanis Morissette, some Whitney Houston, and some Miley Cyrus. Yes, I just used Alanis, Whitney, and Miley in the same sentence. Y’all will deal.

I swear to all the gods, from the moment they set it up,  Darwin , Brenna, Kirk, and Elal never left their seats or let go of the microphone, except maybe to wrestle one another over the songbook so she could choose their next songs.

Did somebody twerk? Well, Ron Cruz was not there.


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