Hello, Thirties

So I’ve entered new territory: the 30s.

When I hit 20, I was just about to graduate college. Still, I couldn’t figure out who I wanted to be: a screenwriter, a diplomat, a geologist, a social media marketer, a traveler. And over the next decade, I tried to do a bit of everything until I found what I really wanted. I know what it is now: TO TRAVEL AND TELL STORIES.

Now that I reached 30, I have to make something of myself. Last year, I quit my full time job. Just last week, I dropped all my social media consultancy contracts so I could focus on my travels.

I feel liberated and excited. But I’m scared, too. This isn’t a drill anymore. This is it. I’m giving this whole travel thing my everything, EVERYTHING. But I’m hopeful.

Dear Universe, I had a Roaring 20s. Let’s make the next 10 years the Thriving 30s, yes?

Photo taken in GOREME, Turkey.


  1. Thriving 30s it’s going to be! Because you’re following what your heart desires. I’ve been a reader of your blog for some time and it’s only now that I got to visit here again. Nakita ko lang ang name mo sa IG post ni Jodie Sta. Maria about her new movie with Sir Chief and Ian Veneracion kaya bigla ko naalala. Screen writer ka na rin pala! Good luck and more projects to come! 🙂

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