BRUSSELS, 2016. We were admiring this view when rain poured, cutting short what was supposed to be an hour-long stroll from Fritkot Bompa (where we had our best fries in the city) to our hostel. We took shelter under a narrow balcony of a nearby apartment.

The space was so small that even when we pressed our backs flat onto the wall, we were soaked by the gentlest winds. We placed our cameras inside our jackets and stared at the bus stop just across the street.

We were locked in that position for a long time but never running out of topics to talk about: our ruined plans for the evening, the rain, Belgium, Europe, the jobs we left back home, travel in general.

How do you know you’re traveling with someone for keeps? When you’re stranded amid a heavy downpour, but you secretly wish that the bus won’t arrive any time soon.


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