Inversely Proportional

I’ve been organizing my travel photos over the past couple of days, and I realized: I HAVE VERY FEW PHOTOS OF MYSELF. 😱

Okay, fine, granted, I don’t have the most photogenic fez 😆 but still. On average, I have 1 photo of myself per destination. In many cities that I visited, I didn’t have any photo at all. None. Nil. ZERO. (I think I’ll regret this in the future, haha.)

But yeah, when it comes to non-work trips, it seems like the number of pics I took is inversely proportional to the amount of fun or connection I had on that trip.

In this age when travel has become an exercise in narcissism, I have found that when I’m truly enjoying a place, I tend to “forget” to snap away.

That or I’m just lazy. LOL.

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