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How the 13th Zodiac Sign Rattled the World

Yesterday morning, I logged in to my Facebook account only to find almost everyone in panic. Apparently, their zodiac signs have changed and they refuse their new sign. What’s worse, there’s a 13th sign — Ophiuchus, the serpent-bearer, the culprit, the cause of the global disorder. Haha. Here are some zodiac-related status messages that I gathered yesterday (including mine): Winston: hindi ko alam pano mabuhay bilang Cancer. 🙁 Andre: MY LIFE IS A LIE! MY LIFE IS A LIE! MY LIFE IS A LIE! Yoshke: Kebs na ako sa bagong zodiac. Basta ako, PISCES ako. Malansa ako eh. Yoshke: Dear…

Top 7 Embarrassing Travel Experiences to Avoid

Murphy’s Law doesn’t care about you. Murphy can get you anywhere, anytime. He doesn’t care whether you’re at home, at work or having the time of your life while traveling. Unfortunate events may hit you and ultimately ruin your supposedly relaxing day. So it’s better to be prepared even when traveling — especially when traveling.…

It Gets Better. So FCKH8!

Something beautiful happened over the weekend. Last Sunday afternoon, October 24, 2010, members of Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles (GMCLA), along with their friends and supporters, came together at Immanuel Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles to work on a project. They were to touch lives with the best way they knew — singing. That afternoon, they produced this incredible video.