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My Top 50 All-Time Favorite Films (Part 2)*

A’right. I think it’s time to go back to my countdown of my most-adored movies. If you missed the first set (50-41), click here. Anyway, I have to remind you again that this is not a list of the greatest films in history but my favorites. This list is very personal. And of course, my…

Everything Comes in Threes

The Father, the Son, the Holy Ghost; The Wise Men who visited Jesus; Hades, Poseidon, Zeus; the heads of Cerberus; The Godfather series; The Lord of the Rings; Harry, Ron, Hermione; Tito, Vic, Joey; Randy, Paula, Simon; Hanson; Destiny’s Child, TLC, Dixie Chicks; the musketeers, the blind mice, the little pigs; papa bear, mama bear, baby bear; I came, I saw, I conquered; core, mantle, crust; solid, liquid, gas; protons, neutrons, electrons; the King, the Queen, and Jack; the number of strikes before a player is out; I, love, you; It was just my second chance I blew.