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Tell Me I’m Not Writing into an Abyss or That is What Will Become of My Heart

Status: keep bleeding love. Music: Bleeding Love – Leona Lewis, Love Song – Sara Bereilles I know Dohna has already posted this video on her blog but I just want to share this to my readers, too. This is sooooo cute. Watch it now, now, NOW!!! My Gawd! Life is so unfair! That little boy has a friggin’ love life?!?! And I? Ugh, I’d rather not mention. Haha. Anyway, Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

My Top 50 All-Time Favorite Films (Part 4)*

This is a very lengthy post so no much intro needed now. Just a reminder, this is not a list of the best movies for me, this is my favorites list. If you missed the bottom 30 movies, check these out: Top 50-41, 40-31, 30-21. A’right. Back to the countdown…. … 20. The Blair Witch…