Let there be space.

Here’s a cart and fill it with everything on display:
those African love birds that you find
too noisy; those cool keep-out and hands-off signs
that you never respect; those royal purple undies you have
always disgusted; those designer clothes you enjoy
to bash harshly; those elegant jewelry you keep
complaining about; those blue roses that you are
allergic to; those leather shoes that make you
stumble; that exquisite bed you choose
to avoid sleeping in; that velvet rope you say you can hang
yourself with; that silver pen that can write
only my name; that wrapped gift you left
untouched; that gold ring you love
to misplace; but I won’t buy any of them.
I’m just here to kill

some time. I only have enough money
for that ugly metal door and those new locks as tough as
you. But I’m not buying them

today. Make me.


  1. interesting…while I was reading it…nafi feel ko ang parang paghihintay or left hanging something.

    All about the impact sa nagbabasa ng poetry. This one is effective. Trust me when I say that.

  2. in fairness sayo Asta, haha. tama yung interpretation mo. Most people kasi think na it’s about being in love with someone pero hindi makuha. Uhm… Leo? Joke lang.

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